Anime Fan? Lamptee 3D Illusion Lamps Have You Covered

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Lamptee is an online store that specializes in one thing and that is selling 3D illusion lamps, the have all sorts of styles and features with their lamps which include the following base types you could choose for their lamps including Black Base, Crack Lighting Base, Photo Frame Base, Wooden Frame Base, Clock Base or Bluetooth Speaker Base (5 color options).

When choosing a lamp and a base, you then can choose the lighting mode which can be touch or touch + remote control and you can choose between 7 color or 16 color remote control options.  Some base types don’t allow for certain light mode types, but it will show you what’s available based on which base you click on. lamps boast 50,000 hours of continual use with their bright LED lights that create very little heat. They all sport the optical illusion effect to the the way the 3D lamps are made.

They also stand by the quality and design of their lamps and are one of the rare companies that offer 100% quality guarantee of their lights, ensuring each one is tested before it is sent. The company offers a 90 day full 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like the lamp or it doesn’t work out for any reason, they will replace or refund within 90 days.

So we had 2 3D Illusion lamps from Lamptee that we reviewed, one was reviewed by Opal which is the Soul Eater Maka Albarn Illusion lamp and you can see from his video below his review of it.

Soul Eater Maka Albarn 3D Illusion Lamp Review

Now Opal had one with a Bluetooth speaker mount base, and I reviewed the  Hunter x Hunter Gon and Killua one which just had a plain black base, in restrospect I wish I had gotten the cracked lightning base as it would have looked cooler to see some of the light coming through the base itself.

Gon and Killua Hunter x Hunter 3D Illusion Lamp from Lamptee

The color options were quite nice, the lamp uses the LED light shining from below the 3D cut display, and the etchings looked really nice, though some colors clearly provided more clarity into the etching style than others.  Brighter yellow, green, cyan and purple to me popped out a little more than the dark blue or reds which made the details a little harder to see on the etched surface itself.

Overall they have so many great options for 3D Illusion lamps, and the store carries so much more than anime style lights, you can get Star Wars themed, Marvel themed, and just about anything you can think of you can find on the site.  I feel I may be compelled however to buy a Nezuko lamp at some point.

Honestly if you need a 3D lamp for your desk, end table, bedroom, living room you really can’t go wrong with one of their lamps.  You can also get get 10% off using our discount coupon code for any lamp.  The only thing I will point out is the shipping times are quite long, and it did take in both cases between 25 and 35 days to receive the product. Some of this could be related to our orders were placed at the end of November and the holiday rush, but as they are shipped overseas make sure you plan accordingly for the shipping times if you plan on getting these as  a gift for someone and need them by a specific date you need to order 1.5 to 2 months in advance in my opinion.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.