Tiktech Lepow 15.6″ Portable Monitor Giveaway

Our good friends over at the Tiktech gadget store have partnered with us once again to bring readers a chance to win another Lepow 15.6″ IPS 1080P portable gaming monitor that has both HDMI and USB Type-C inputs.


This Lepow 1080P Monitor sports a blue color frame though you can choose black if you win if you prefer not to have blue, I just think the blue looks cooler so I chose to feature the blue model.  This Portable HD IPS monitor has a 178 degree vieweing angle and uses the LSO 3.0.1 system.  This monitor can be easily connected to any laptop whether it is PC or Mac, Smart Phones, Xbox One or Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch or anything that has either HDMI or USB Type-C video output.  This monitor works in landscape or portrait mode and is excellent as a second screen for laptops as well.  It is lightweight and portable at just 1.69 points, the flexible stand will hold it up, though it would be nice to include a separate stand or clamp you can buy that makes it easier to hold it up at an angle.  It does not have any VESA mounting capability, so it can’t be installed on a monitor arm or wall mount, though you can buy gooseneck clamp mounts that may be able to hold it. The portable monitor has dual stereo speakers that deliver surprisingly good sound from a portable monitor.  There is also an HD protective film and screen protector that adds that little extra to help prevent scratches or accidental cracks.

More Details Can Be Found on TikTech Here and if you can’t wait to own, you can get $50 off with coupon: DEALNEWS01 at checkout bringing the price down to $159.99

Giveaway Rules, this monitor can only ship to USA and Japan, though if you enter from the U.K. you will have the option to get this very similar model instead.  If you want to enter from outside the USA you will need to provide a USA shipping address, you can leverage a service like MyUS which allows you to have a USA shipping address to receive packages that will then forward to your actual location and it is a recommended option if you want to enter from outside the USA.

Enter to Win a Lepow 15.6″ Portable Monitor

Before you enter I want to really encourage our fans to give Tiktech a like on Facebook, and feel free to leave them a comment.  Let them know that you are glad they are partnered with DragonBlogger and show them that you want to keep the giveaways coming!  This is the 2nd portable monitor that they have let us giveaway to our community, so lets make sure they know it is appreciated that they gifted us one to giveaway.

Lepow 15.6″ 1080P Portable LED Monitor Giveaway

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