21 Apps to Help You Reach Financial Goals

What if we said that you’re tracking your finances the hard way? You may think, “Well, I’m not doing it the hard way, because I’m not doing it hardly at all!” Whether you need to start managing your money or change your method, look no further than your smartphone.

There are a couple million apps available to Apple and Android users. Their potential to help us in our daily lives is often overlooked. Many people visit the app store in search of games, however there are apps specifically designed to help in a certain aspect of life.

Some mobile phone applications boost your productivity at work by facilitating email/chats and managing your calendar. You can book flights, hotels and activities through travel apps, while social apps allow you to keep in touch with your friends and family. Health and wellness apps monitor your sleep, caloric intake and physical activity. There is an app for virtually anything, so why not find one to help you organize your income and expenses?

That’s exactly what Wikibuy did in their infographic below detailing the best apps to track your financial life. No matter what form of financial tracking you need to improve, you’ll relieve some stress through one or more of these financial apps. You can focus on the big picture of overall financial management, or dive into particular facets like saving money and managing debt.

Furthermore, these applications are useful to people in every stage of life. Divvyingup expenses for your first shared apartment, organizing your student loan payments, managing your annual salary, seeking investment advice and more can all be made easier with apps.

From Mint that does simple tracking your daily spending and Pennies that tracks monthly payroll, to Debt Free that makes debt management easy and Robinhood that gives you the best penny stocks, this list ensures you’re all set with your finances.

Are you skeptical or intrigued and eager to start? Either way, scroll to the visual below for more information on the best apps for your finances.  


Infographic courtesy of wikibuy

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