Arctic Breeze USB Desktop Fan Review

Hello All and welcome back to our latest review.  Today’s review is a bit of comfort product, as comfortable as a nice cool Breeze.  I will be reviewing the Arctic Breeze USB Desktop fan.

Arctic Cooling1

Here are the features

  • Flexible neck
  • Rubber feet to keep it stable and avoid vibrations
  • 8 meter (70inch) USB cable
  • 8 Colors to choose from (White, Blue, Black, Red, Purple, Rasta, USA)
  • Adjustable Fan speeds

With that, check out the unboxing

Many different fans are sold and mostly all need to be connected to an outlet on the wall, and there are a few that can be connected through USB, those are nice and this is one of them.  Problem with many of them is that there is typically only 1 setting, no one wants that all the time.  There are options.

The Arctic Breeze USB Desktop Fan is adjustable, from low to high with an adjustable nob.  The picture below shows it at its highest.

Arctic Cooling2

The nob does not click to predetermined positions; this is a smooth sliding nob so you can adjust it to what suits you best, what is most comfortable.  The 92mm fan rotates anywhere between 800RPM’s all the way to 1800RPM’s.  Comfort though is not only in feeling, it is in sound as well.

This little guy is very quiet, rated at .5 sone, essentially whisper quiet, so it is very nice.  To aid in keeping this quiet, this is fitted with rubber feet to keep it from vibrating and a metal frame to weight it down a bit

Arctic Cooling3

Don’t take it from me though; check it out in my review of it.

Pretty simple to show you how quiet and powerful it is.

In the review I also show you how flexible the neck is, but here are a few pics as well.

Arctic Cooling4


Arctic Cooling5


Arctic Cooling6

This is a very nice little device, not complicated at all.  To make it better, if you do connect it to your laptop, it only takes about .2amps of power, that’s little to nothing.

While I do love it, the only thing maybe I would love added to this is some sort of grill to protect fingers.  The blades itself would bug an adult but it could hurt a child so make sure to keep it out of reach of kids.

That’s about it, what do you guys think?



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