EC Technology 22400mAH Battery Pack Review

I recently had the opportunity to review the EC Technology 22400mAh battery pack while taking it on a business trip to Boston, and I wanted to push the battery pack to it’s limits, so I basically made a commitment to use only this battery pack to keep my iPad 2 and iPhone 5S charged for 3 days solely using the EC Technology external battery. This battery has so much power stored that it boasts 10-12 charges for an iPhone 5S and 2-3 complete chargers for a tablet. I can honestly say that if you are travelling and have had to carry more than one battery pack just to keep your devices charging, this is the one external battery that rules them all as far as charging needs are concerned.

Here is an unboxing video of the EC Technology 22400mAh External Battery

The battery pack is a little large, so if you are looking for one that is ultra portable, this isn’t it. This is one designed specifically to make sure you can use your iPhone for days without worrying about finding an A/C outlet. You have a 21 hour flight to Europe or Asia, you can use this one battery to keep your phone and tablet charged the entire time with ease. Ironically it also comes with a flashlight built in, if you double tap the side button it will switch the very bright LED flashlight on so that you can find your USB cables in the dark if you need to.


Here is a video review talking about it and showing the flashlight function

In Summary

I have reviewed over a dozen power bank or external batteries over the past few years, and the EC Technology External Battery has the most capacity out of any of them, the product also does not get warm even when you have been charging a device for hours, partially this is because of the large casing around the battery. I only wish that with this much charge it could have dual 2.1amp ports so that you can charge a pair of tablets if necessary, or if it had SMART ports, so that you can plug any type of device into either port and have smart recognition and power trickle, instead of having 1 dedicated 1A and one dedicated 2.1A ports.

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