3 SmartPhone Mount Options for Your Car

Unless you are lucky enough to have a brand new car with built in Bluetooth you probably will need some sort of holder/charger for your car for those extended drives where you will be on the road and may use your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone as your GPS navigation system while using it as a speakerphone or music player at the same time.  I know I will have the Google Maps up on my phone while listening to Spotify streaming from my iPhone 5S but I didn’t have any sort of mount to place my phone on for my car.  Here is a showcase of some car phone mounting options for your vehicle that you may consider so that you can not only keep your phone in a place that is easy to see the screen, but close enough to talk into the speaker phone and some of them even have support for charging your phone at the same time.

CoverBot Flexible Gooseneck Car Clamp Holder with Dual USB Car Charger

First up on our list is the CoverBot Flexible Gooseneck Car Clamp Holder with Dual USB Car Charger which plugs into your vehicle lighter (does anyone use them as lighters anymore?) outlet.  This offers a flexible arm that holds the phone at about equal level to your steering wheel so that you can easily see the navigation screen, talk or press an option or button if you need to without looking away from the road for too long.  It also features 2 USB outlet ports, so that you can charge your phone and another device like a headset or tablet at the same time.  Not bad for a 3 in 1 product and this flexible clamp will fit around any smartphone so it doesn’t matter the make or model that you have.

USA GEAR Adjustable Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

Let’s say your vehicle lighter/charger isn’t in a close location to your steering wheel or between your car in a decent place, well then the USA GEAR Adjustable Car Cup Holder Phone Mount may be an option for you because this one you install into one of your cup holders.  It has an included cable which plugs into one of your 12V outlets and the cable is long enough to reach an outlet whether it is in the back seat area, or in the passenger leg area of your vehicle.  Plus, the USA GEAR Adjustable Car Cup Holder Phone Mount also has 2 USB charging ports and gives you 3 additional DC charging outlets.  Though I would beware having too many devices plugged in at the same time as you can cause some serious battery drain to your car battery.

TaoTronics Universal Windshield & Dashboard Car Mount

Finally sometimes you don’t need the bells and whistle of USB charging ports and you merely want something simple and easy where you can simply slip your smartphone into and have it within easy viewing distance.  This is where the TaoTronics Universal Windshield & Dashboard Car Mount comes in and it is an adjustable dashboard or windshield mount with a flexible arm and clamp to accommodate any smartphone type.  Just remember to make sure the surface is well cleaned before you stick the adhesive side down as it uses both an adhesive and suction cup mechanism to hold the mount into place.  This provides super firm and stable mounting on an inner windshield, and good mounting on a dashboard but the mount may be looser if the dashboard has a textured surface.

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