Are You Losing Followers on Instagram? 5 Reasons to Look At

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Are you constantly losing followers on Instagram, but have no idea why? Here are five reasons that could be happening.

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If you are reading this article, there is a possibility you are wondering about this issue – a very common one indeed. You may think you are alone, but the truth is that many are in the same boat as you are, and it is a frustrating situation to be in. particularly if you have spent your time and posts trying to build your audience.

However, the good news is that this is very normal, and it remains a major step in you growing your account on the platform. After all, you cannot appease everyone, and some people will eventually stop following you, while you might be doing things unknowingly that cause people to leave. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is good to have some help sometimes to reduce these occurrences from happening. Here are some reasons this could be happening to you.

You might be using suspicious methods of gaining followers and getting shadow bans

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For the record, services that help you grow your account are very enticing, such as a boost your auto likes Instagram app – free trial. These are services that will comment on others’ posts on your behalf, and even like their content, as well as following and unfollowing them.

All these services sound good because they are convenient but they are becoming a problem because they are taking away the benefits of human interaction. In fact, they go against the Terms of Service of the platform and can even get you shadow banned from Instagram if you deal extensively with them.

If you are not familiar with shadow bans, they are a form of restraint on your account that usually occur wi9thout you knowing. That is, until you try to post something and it fails to appear in the search bar (even when you have used hashtags) or the timelines of other people. That practically renders you invisible, and it will be harmful to your growth on the platform.

You post too much or too little

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Part of the reason you could be losing people along the way is posting too little or too much (spamming). Your posting schedules are very important to consider, especially if you are trying to grow your brand – never forget the golden rule of consistency is key.

If you are posting too infrequently, your audience fails to get a chance of being used to seeing you on their feeds, and they may not remember you or why they followed you when you decide to show up. On the other hand, excessive posting is bad because it gets annoying to other users, and makes them unfollow you anyway. The balance lies in posting one or two ties daily, or just do five posts every week.

These posts allow your audience to know you better and become used to seeing you. If they see your content looking pleasing, they will build an admiration, and they will start to be happy when they see you posting content. Think of it as when you decide to date someone, as you become excited every time you go to see them.  You can also just Buy Instagram Followers to help reverse the trend if you are seeing a pattern of follower loss to help keep up appearances and bolster your profile.

A poor first impression

You have probably heard of the saying that first impressions always count. Well, the statement not only refers to life in general, but also to Instagram. Regardless of whether you are an old or new user, you need to make sure the first impression a visitor gets is a pleasing one. You could consider even backing up and downloading Instagram photos with and making sure they look right by double checking them over and comparing to other profiles.

Aside from the images you post, the visitor will always look at your bio. Is your bio there, and did you fill it? If it is a business you opened an account for, does it give information on what the business is about? Are you informing the user how you are going to help them out and make their lives interesting? Where can they find out more about you? (In this case, put a website link to your homepage).

If you do not do this, you are definitely missing out on a golden opportunity to impress someone.

Your account and posts lack consistency

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Similar to the bio you have, the posts do tell a story about you. They are a window to what you love, your tastes, as well as what the visitor can expect from you if they decide to give you a follow. Unless you have specified that your account is going to be one of random images, the least you can do is create consistency in your posts.

If your feed is a mismatched one that has wildly different image themes, filters, colors and image quality, then you will drive people away. On the other hand, if all your pictures are cohesive, then you have a better chance of asking them flow seamlessly. Remember, Instagram is a visual medium, so do the best with the visual tools you have.

Boring captions

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This may be confusing when you have invested so much time into getting high quality images. However, if the captions you put are boring, then you are not impressing any visitors that land on your page, and they have no reason to follow you.

When making a caption, consider talking about the context of the image, incorporation of questions for the audience, tell a story on your impressions and feelings about the image, and use a CTA (call to action) such as allowing them to tag their friends, comment on it, or share.

When you do this, it make the audience feel connected to your work, and makes them feel like they are a part of that story. This will also encourage them to come back afterwards for more content. If you are only posting things and giving poor or no captions, they will get bored easily and click the unfollow button.

Final thoughts

As you may see, Instagram is not an easy social media platform to succeed n. however, it is not impossible when you are willing to try out improvements to your content delivery and formats.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.