Are you an Authentic Genuine Real Trusted Blogger?

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It was Chris Brogan’s post titled I am not authentic which prompted me to write my own article on the subject.  I agree 100% with Chris’s assessment that authenticity isn’t necessarily something you are to strive for if you are a “personality” authenticity can apply well to a company that has an established reputation and line of products but a personality which is what a blogger has is subject to “filters” as Chris himself put it.

We all change our minds, opinions and base our information on things like information received, first hand experience or sometimes just simply bias or inclination as part of ones personality.  So I am not an authentic anything, unless you say I am authentic Justin Germino but even that doesn’t have much meaning.

[easyazon_image asin=”B004Z9FH3C” alt=”Pink Floyd Poster ~ Wish You Were Here Flaming Handshake ~ Exclusive U.K. Import ~ 24×36″” src=”” align=”right” width=”250″]You might say that I strive to be genuine and make sure everything I share with my readers is true, I can be trusted to always give honest feedback and information at the time it was delivered.  Note the “At the time it was delivered” part.

We all change opinions right, so if as a blogger you wrote about a product, service or shared an opinion on anything and several months later your opinion changed based on new information, experiences you are perfectly fine clarifying your new opinion.  This doesn’t make you any less genuine in sharing your views, you simply shared your views at the time you had them and your views changed over time.

This happens all the time with discussions I have with readers, I may post about something and have my mind changed when a reader shares feedback that contrasts my initial point of view.  This can be anything from what I considered my favorite WordPress plugins at the time for a specific function to even my opinion on a TV Show or Movie.

One thing that should never changes is making sure you can be trusted, trusted to share that your opinions are always genuine and that you are not sharing information directly different than how you really feel at that time.  If I think a product or service sucks and I write in a blog post telling my readers that I think they should be buying or using that product or service when I feel differently then this is being untrustworthy and bloggers depend on their reputation and trustworthiness.

On I endorse that you can trust any opinion shared by myself or one of my site writers here, we don’t endorse anything we don’t 100% stand behind.  If there are faults we point them out, we test so many software items, look at so many websites requesting reviews and we are candid if we find something we don’t like but also just as candid sharing what may be good despite it’s faults.

Like Chris said in his article that you should beware if you see the words authentic, “to be honest” you should know that if you have to declare those phrases then you are probably assuming readers will think otherwise or may have thought otherwise from the start.  If that is the case what have you done to either lose that trust or why make the assumption that you may not be authentic genuine you?

-Dragon Blogger

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.