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Tips For Selling An Old Phone On eBay

If you’re like most people, you probably have a ton of old cell phones lying around that you never dealt with after you got a new one. I’ve gone through a number of phones over the years and I have found that if you sell phone on eBay, you can actually pay for a significant portion of the new phone by selling the old one. The problem I have seen that many people have is … Read more

Kindle Fire vs iPad

The Truth About Apple’s Pricing Structure

I was shopping for a new computer the other day at Staples and as soon as I told the guy working there that I was primarily a Mac user looking to buy a Windows 8 laptop, he brought out all of the pro-Microsoft, Apple-bashing opinions that IT professionals have come up with everywhere Apple products are sold. And although I was a Mac user looking to switch to Windows, it doesn’t mean I’m turning anti-Apple. … Read more

WWE Rock Slam

The Big Debate: Is WWE Fake?

Lately, I have taken an unexpected twist in television entertainment and set up WWE’s Monday Night Raw to record on my DVR. Ever since I started to watch the show, I have gotten comments from friends and family saying “You know that’s fake, right?” or “WWE is just a male soap opera.” The people making these claims are comparing WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), which is technically like comparing apples and … Read more

RuneScape Botting

Why You Shouldn’t Bot On RuneScape

I started playing RuneScape back in 2006 after a friend of mine recommended the game to me. At the time, I was quite the console gamer, but this was the only online game I had ever played. I really got into the game in 2007 when we upgraded from dial up to high-speed cable Internet and I played fairly consistently until 2009 or 2010 when I eventually outgrew the game. Now I’m a business student … Read more

Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Review

If you’re like me and have accidentally (or purposely) deleted a file on your computer and emptied your trash can, you may be pretty sad to find out that you have lost the file forever. I’ve done this years ago with an SD card and I was not able to get the 100+ photos back that I deleted accidentally. Fortunately, there’s a program called Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery that allows you to get these … Read more

Mac OSX and Windows 8

Mac User: Why I Considered Switching To Windows 8

I’ve been a Mac user since 2010 and I haven’t looked back in over three years – until recently. Ever since Windows 8 was released last October, I have been catching myself saying the “W” word (it’s frowned upon to say “Windows” when you’re part of the Mac cult) and “I want” in the same sentence. All bias aside, the Windows 8 start screen using the same live tile layout as their mobile OS was … Read more