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Hidden Gem: Review of Amazon Smile

A couple of days ago, I noticed an advertisement for a service that I had never heard of before - Amazon Smile. I buy everything from toothpaste to cell phone accessories on Amazon because it's inexpensive, and combined with Prime two-day shipping, sometimes more convenient than going to Walmart or the grocery store. The fact [...]

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Startup Play-i Robots Teaches Computer Science the Fun Way

In these modern times, computer-related careers can be found at almost every company in America (and possibly even the world). Toyota needs computer scientists to help develop new technologies for GPS systems, hybrid computer systems, and other car technologies. Apple needs computer scientists to develop tomorrow's consumer technology. JC Penny needs computer scientists to build [...]

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Review of Kim Dotcom’s MEGA: This Has Enormous Potential

Today I just got to experience Kim Dotcom's new file sharing service MEGA. I was a casual user of Megaupload before it was shut down, so I'm happy to see that Dotcom stayed on his feet and improved upon the service. MEGA is an improvement upon Megaupload in that its servers are not located in [...]

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Amazon Now Offering Sunday Delivery for Prime Members

Amazon and the United States Postal Service (USPS) have announced that Amazon Prime members in Los Angeles and New York City will start receiving packages on Sundays. As of now, the service is only implemented in those two cities, but it is expected to expand to Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Phoenix, and other major U.S. [...]

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Choosing the Best University for Computer Science in U.S.

How to choose the best university to get a Computer Science degree and which Universities offer Computer Science degrees.

First 24 Hours with Windows 8.1 Microsoft’s First OTA Update

Microsoft released Windows 8.1 on October 17th as an over-the-air (OTA) update for current Windows 8 users. Besides the minor updates and security patches Microsoft sends out with the Windows Update feature in Control Panel, this was Microsoft's first major OTA update facilitated by a centralized hub (Windows Store). This is something that Android, Mac [...]

Why Are Apple’s Customers Loyal? The Psychology of an iSheep

It's no secret that Apple's iOS 7 wasn't a complete success. Neither was the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, Apple Maps, or Siri. Lately, Apple hasn't been innovating and they have not been releasing products that "change the game" like the original iPhone or iPod and I think Apple's stockholders would agree with me. Despite the lack [...]

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Control-Alt-Delete is Part of Windows History, Not a Mistake

Yesterday at a Q&A at Harvard University, Bill Gates admitted that the keyboard command Ctrl-Alt-Del was a mistake. According to Gates, the reason Ctrl-Alt-Del even made it into Windows is because the designer of the original IBM keyboards felt that it was a security concern, so they created a combination of keys that no user [...]

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Why Microsoft’s Surface 2 Is Going to Fail

When Microsoft released their original Surface tablet last year, I was intrigued. A product that not only competes with tablets such as Apple's iPad, but also can compete with full-sized Windows laptops. It showcased Microsoft's new Metro UI in a way that didn't invoke criticism (like it did on desktops and other PCs), the hardware [...]

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Review: Lighting Ever Flexible Color-Changing LED Strips

I was recently given the opportunity to complete a do-it-yourself project using Lighting Ever Flexible LED strips. I was originally going to use them as accent lighting for a bookshelf, but after seeing the design of the product I was working with, I had to change my mind. I ended up putting the LED lights [...]

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