Ballloon Saves Online Images and Documents to Dropbox , Google Drive, OneDrive and Box


File hosting and Synchronization services like Google Drive or Dropbox is always a nice choice for those who have multiple devices. You can visit your files almost everywhere. But how can you save a file, for example a cool image, from the web you are viewing to your Clouds? Many download and upload steps are ahead.

Now, here comes Ballloon to solve this problem, to make the world a little better.

You can download the extension at the link below. (Yes, there are three L’s in the name.) Once installed, click the Ballloon toolbar button and sign into your Google account. Don’t worry, you’re only granting permission to create files.

Visit a website and hover your mouse over an image. A small overlay appears to the upper right of the image, featuring Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box icon. Click either to save the image to one of these cloud storage locations. The first time you use either, you need to authorize Balllon’s access, but from that point forward it will be a one-click-process.


Many people may think that these hover icons might sometimes be inconvenient. Ballloon also provides a cool way to show/hide these icons.

If you have logged in, check the page here:


Yes you can switch those icons on and off by pressing L three times in a second!

That’s something, isn’t it?

Recently, Ballloon updated to a special version. In this version 1.5.4 you can connect your Ballloon with Yo. And the developer provides 3 ways of using it:

  • Yo me every time when Ballloon updates, or
  • Yo me every time when a file arrives, or
  • Yo me every time when a big file arrives (≥1GB).

You can find out details here if you have logged in :


In the future, Ballloon is going to support more cloud services, also the developer said they will find more cool and interesting way to enrich the function of Ballloon. Let’s witness.

Chrome store:


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