Benefits of Playing Video Games You Have Never Thought About

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According to popular opinion, you should give up on gaming and “start doing something with your life.” According to scientists, you will certainly do something with your life if you keep gaming. Don’t believe “what they say,” believe what scientific studies say.

With such fast-technological development, scientists have started to wonder whether playing video games will benefit children’s adult lives. Kids nowadays spend multiple hours in front of the computer, while concerned parents and teachers freak out.

Fortunately, scientists have come up with results that benefit the children’s perspectives. Playing video games can actually benefit the kidson the long-term. Let’s see why.

  1. Better Reflexes and Overall Coordination

Playing video games requires good reflexes. When playing, we must act quickly and be prompt in our actions. We cannot hesitate, and let the other party/parties benefit from our loss.

The brain, along with our whole body, responds to external stimuli in different manners to different life situations – and the way they respond to video gaming is by increasing focus and overall coordination to help us reach our targets and win the game. Thus, individuals will develop better reflexes and improve their brains’ response times by playing.

  1. Enriched Vocabulary for Youngsters

For young people, gaming opens up new doors from a linguistic perspective. Constantly interacting with people from all around the world, kids will always be exposed to heavy language learning.

Non-native English speakers will engage in English conversations, google common words and expressions, and constantly read English material in order to collaborate with the other players, and win the game. Native English speakers will always have something new to learn from (Eastern) European kids. “It’s more like an online, intercultural exchange for which you must not pay,” says Kaley Robertson, freelancer at, and Gaming Associate at Hall of Fame.

  1. Comprehensive Analysis of Your Surroundings

Gaming resembles life. Using your character’s abilities to unlock doors, search for “the missing key,” or break into a facility is challenging. Before players engage in their next move, they always plan out their actions and look around them to check things out. A strategic player will never simply “break into the facility” without further analyzing what they’ve visually encountered in the first place.

Thus, actions such as strategic planning, or analyzing surroundings thoroughly, will make their way into their daily lives too. Nonetheless, players will find themselves more attentive to details, or more aware of their surroundings.

  1. Coming Up with Better Solutions

As I’ve mentioned before, a strategic gamer will always analyze his or her position, and take actions according to the circumstances. But it takes time to realize what “the best solution to the problem” is. Gamers will brainstorm many ideas before coming to a final conclusion. Once they find the answer key, and their strategy works, they’ll apply the same concept on their next challenge too.

This expanded decision-making process uncovers profound connections within players’ brains, and leaves room for habitual action, meaning every time they’ll encounter similar life-situations, they’ll think the problems thoroughly, and only then come up with ideas and solutions.

  1. Brain Stimulant for Adults/Elders

Even older individuals can benefit from gaming. By playing, their brains engage in a highly-stimulant activity, and their memory and senses refresh. It’s basically a “mental training,” a “gym day” for their brains.

But there’s more to it. Adults/Elders will also learn how to deal with technology faster by playing video games. They’ll type quickly, use their hands promptly, and understand technological concepts unfamiliar before. You might hear your grandma call you a n00b, who knows?

  1. Improved Focus and Multitasking

You can’t game without paying attention to your actions. Your partner might get mad at you for not answering your phone while playing, or your mom might get upset for being late for dinner. But hey! In the end, it’s all for a good purpose – winning. Imagine how much of an impact this small action has on your future life.

Nowadays, employers want to hire determined, focused leaders. Being “all over the place,” unable to concentrate on your tasks or assignments, and unable to multitask will get you on the black list. Through gaming though, you learn essential skills that will further benefit you in your life and future career.

  1. Improved Patience

Last but not least, gaming teaches you how to be patient. Admit it or not, there can be tiring moments sometimes, especially when you’re sick of “grinding,” and you just want to level up and go to bed. Unfortunately, things are not always happening the way we want them to. You might spend an extra hour or two doing the same thing before throwing on some pajamas.

Thus, even though your game level might stagnate, your patience level will improve. You’ll constantly try to reach your goal, and never give up on it.


Gaming is neither damaging, nor dangerous for your brain. If anything, it’s quite the opposite. Of course, abusing it is not smart either. Try to keep a balance, but don’t give up on it.


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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.