Beotto CableButton: Cable Management System #mybeotto

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With a motto Peel, Stick, Organize you expect the Beotto CableButton to do just that and it works as advertised for the majority of your smaller and thinner cables.

If you know me, you know that I am horrible at cable management.  Under my desk is a nightmare of cables just hanging behind my desk, cords are everywhere and you wouldn’t want a baby or small pet crawling around under my desk or it would quickly become ensnared by my cable nightmare.  I have been needing to invest in cable management and cord management systems in a while but have just been too lazy and procrastinating honestly, so when Beotto contacted us via Tomoson and wanted to know if we would review their CableButton product I was more than happy to jump on the opportunity.

Now, you get 9 buttons in one pack, and you can see I opened it in front of my living room wall mounted TV and how bad the cords just hang haphazardly on the wall in the background.

The CordButton itself can handle 1 thicker or 2 thinner cables, but it wasn’t designed for multiple cords thick cords it will fit an Ethernet Cable and a very thin power cable at the same time however and it did manage to take that 1 HDMI and 1 Power cord and fit it in a single button but it was a tight fit and you could tell the button was not designed to hold any thicker.  I was concerned the cords would work themselves out but they stayed in place.


The product is very simply a rubberized button, and you simply squeeze your cords in the center and it holds them in place.  There is an adhesive sticky on the back of the button which holds it fast to a wall, you peel and stick.  The adhesive is strong enough to hold the weight of most electronics cords and I didn’t have an issue tugging and it stayed firmly in place, it is just a sticker however so don’t expect it to hold too much weight.

I had to use a separate button alone on the power cord, as it couldn’t fit 3 cords in the same button which is okay since the cords were spaced out enough I couldn’t tightly integrate them together until it was much further down than the TV.

In my office I was able to use the CableButton to bind together an Ethernet cable and a power cable for my router and using 2-3 buttons neatly align them in a row down my wall at least so they looked precisely lined up with no slack.

On the Amazon store page, they show a particular picture example I like of using the Beotto CordButton which is this one.

In practicality what they don’t show is that the rest of the cord hangs to the floor or you have nothing to put the rest of the cord on, so hanging your pair of earbuds like this without anywhere to put the end that plugs in is a bit impractical.  These buttons would have been awesome if they came with a rubberized little hook that hung off the side, that way you can just hang a loose cord end on it, then it would have been better for holding earbud cords like that.

I will tell you at $11.49 they are a little expensive for cord clips and this is partially because they are flexible rubber and not cheap plastic, but also they use a slightly stronger adhesive on the back instead of the cheap adhesive that falls off easily on other cord clip solutions.  I will say the adhesive does weaken and 3 days later I found it was a bit easier to unstick the product from the wall than when I first stuck it on.  The good news, is you can apply the coupon listed below and get 50% off the CableButtons.

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Disclaimer: Beotto provided us with the CableButton so that we could do a thorough and accurate review. All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.  

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.