Best Electronic Loads for Hobbyists

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The industry has been providing these DC electronic loads for several years and even decades. The sub-categories for these products include high-speed active loads that use power semiconductors, switched resistors, and regenerative loads. Both industry specialists and hobbyists seek for these loads, getting them into their applications. Before taking a good look at the best electronic loads for hobbyists, it’s great to know about these uses.

Uses of electronic loads

First, electronic loads perform at their best for automobiles’ DC motors, specifically for evaluation testing. With these supplies combined with other tools, they lead the recovery of regenerative power from your motors so you can evaluate them without damaging this equipment.

Second, hobbyists also utilize electronic loads with the regenerative function and power supply to regenerate load power within a system in a commercial atmosphere. Several providers offer these in various types of these needs.

Third, these loads are also for charging and discharging power supplies for a battery inspection. It may also work for repeated tests for different rechargeable batteries.

Best electronic loads for hobbyists

Hence, it is very crucial to select the right electronic loads for these functions. For instance, power supplies at 12V and 30A require specific operations. During testing, operators and hobbyists may have them at 12V and 5A, and at 3V and 30A. It is important to find electronic loads that are accurate for testing the supply.

Circuit Specialists CEO Mark Gordon states, “Electronic loads are distinctive because they can efficiently switch simulated resistors, currents or voltages, as well as customize the rising and falling times of current sink and edit a continuous change in the load.”

  1. Happybuy DC Electronic Load

 This Dual Channel DC Electronic Load from Happybuy is ideal for your batteries, chargers, mobile power, power adapter, switching power supply, and LED drivers. They also can carry out their purposes for other products used for testing and aging.

Very simple to use and easy to adjust, the electronic load runs with the potentiometer adjustment method and with constant current, you can utilize this mode to be able to simulate resistive loads and discharge the battery toward the power load.

Meanwhile, you can also use the voltage mode to simulate the capacitive load, while the LED may simulate LED drive power characteristic load in constant voltage.


  • Small in size, high in power
  • Intelligent fan-controlled
  • With optimized heat radiation structure
  • LED digital display is high-precision for currents and voltages 
  1. T-king(TM) KL283 2CH Dual Channel Adjustable LCD DC Electronic Load

Meanwhile, this electronic load features operating modes for your battery testing, LED power supply, and aging needs. They also are given constant current and voltage, with LED display in high-precision.

Small in size but still high in power, the T-king electronic load is created for simple operations. They also handle over-voltage, overpower, overheating, over-current, and reverse polarity protection.


  • Comes with four high-precision digital LED display
  • Current, voltage, and high-resolution
  • Includes isolated two independent input channels
  • The constant current mode parallels the input channels
  • You may also connect the constant voltage mode in series 
  1. Tekpower TP3711A Programmable DC Electronic Load

This electronic load from Tekpower is your compact tool that is easy for the budget, ideal for both home use and commercial purposes. It showcases a maximum power of up to 300 watts which you can have with power tools of until 360 volts DC and 30 amps.

The load comes with the numeric keypad and rotary switch, you may set up with the power, current, and voltage. Known for their reliability and versatility, it is your best tool for DC power supply testing, and more with your solar panels and high-capacity battery. Research facilities and laboratories have made use of these loads.


  • Offers internal memory
  • Connect with your PC via your USB port for real-time control
  • High-precision and resolution
  • Includes calibration certificate
  • Its LCD display includes the backlight
  1. Qianson DC 3.7V-21V 35W 4A OLED USB Electronic Load

The electronic load from Qianson is also a multimeter which discharges at 35W over a longer period of time. It also functions as a USB multimeter that can monitor voltages in real-time, including electric energy, power, temperature, current, capacitance, and more. They can work with power banks, USB chargers, smartphones, and quite many others.

With the dual adjustment design, its battery monitor carries the widest range of voltage and the current range. It also features smart temperature controls, equipped with the high-quality radiator in aluminum and fan. These protect the product from damage. It also features multiple USB ports for improved operation.\


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Smart temperature control
  • Dual-adjustment design
  • Multiple USB ports
  1. Array 3754A Programmable DC Electronic Load

Last but not the least, is Array Electronic Co., Ltd, designed for optimum performance with powerful testing functions. It also features the RS232 interface supporting both Labview and SCPI. You can use this in the fields of aerospace engineering, automotive electronics, fuel and solar cells, shipbuilding, and more.

This DC load offers four test programs. These include constant power, constant resistance, constant current, and constant voltage.


  • Includes four basic test functions
  • Ensures high reliability in test environments
  • Efficient sequential test function
  • Offers the status saving function
  • Highly-efficient cooling system for improving power density

There are more you can find in the market. However, with these on your options, you should be able to have your operations without encountering mishaps.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.