BESTEK Height Adjustable Standing Desk Deal

With more and more of us working at desks throughout the days, getting a standing desk is a great option. Not only do they help your posture, but they can help your overall health and help you live longer. With back issues being such a common problem, it’s no wonder these are on the rise in popularity. BESTEK currently has a great deal on their standing desk, so we’re going to break down everything you need to know about it if you’re in the market for a standing desk.

BESTEK Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The height-adjustable desk from BESTEK is one of the cooler standing desks on the market. The best part about adjustable desks is that you can move around, sit sometimes, stand up tall, or anything else you want to do and still have your computer at eye-level. You can move the desk up and down throughout the day depending on what you’re working on. The 28″ workstation fits people up to 6.1″ tall and the 31″ workstation fits for people up to 6.5″ tall. If you’re not a fan of putting things together, you’ll be happy to know this comes already assembled. You simply take it out of the box and place it on your desktop. At its full height, it can hold up to 33 lbs, so you don’t need to worry about multiple monitors, tablets, or laptops on this desk. Unlike other standing desks, this one gives you enough room to fit all your work supplies on top of it and there’s even a slot for your tablet so you can aim it at you without a stand.


  • Can use sitting or standing
  • Locks into position
  • Take it out of the box and place it
  • No assembly required
  • Easily supports up to 33 lbs at the fully extended height


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