Top 5 Educational Apps to Help You Learn Faster

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The Internet and mobile technologies have done amazing things to how we do almost everything – from how we communicate and meet people to how we study and work. A combination of these two technologies has led to the introduction of the most revolutionary personal productivity tools and resources, some of which you probably use already.

Not sure of where to start? Here are five of the top educational apps and resources that you should be using to make your college or school life easier, you can also look at site Meister too for assistance with college papers and essays.

The Great Courses

One of the most popular educational apps in the world today, The Great Courses is essentially a collection of courses offered by qualified and experienced professors, covering a wide range of subjects. The app is considered by reviewers as a personal lecturer that students can use to stream courses, revise course content, test themselves, and expand their knowledge on a particular topic. With professionally created and clearly presented course materials with visual aids and further reading links, this app is the closest a student can come to attending a parallel college wherever they are.


What tactics do you use to retain the information you learn in your lectures? One of the most effective ways to reinforce what you learn is through flashcards. The Quizlet app eliminates the need for you to actually write down the flashcards and instead use ready made cards on the app to memorize notes for any class you may be taking. One of the best features of Quizlet is that it features image cards, animations, videos, and audio media. The app is topic-savvy, which means you create a profile and select the topics or subjects, and can work impressively well with other educational software you may be using.


Brainscape, like Quizlet, is an app that leverages repetition to help a student master concepts and course content. The developers make a bold claim that their flashcards can double a student’s learning speed and help them retain whatever they learn more effectively. It features:

  • Browser mode to peruse through the cloud and offline content
  • Bookmarks and favorites
  • Card reversibility
  • Custom flashcards.


EdX is an online resource that brings flexible learning to the masses. The web-based site offers over 1900 full courses and short-term programs that cover anything from freehand drawing and poetry to computer science and astrophysics. Whatever your course, there is no harm in supplementing your regular classes with a complete online course developed by professionals and often endorsed by top global academic institutions.

Are you a student? If you own a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you have fewer reasons to stress about your work and studies compared to someone who went to school a decade ago. You have an arsenal of invaluable devices that you can use to teach yourself new skills, practice what you learn, collaborate with others, discover new things, and even get help when you are stuck or out of time. Or you can get writing help from professionals. Experts on professional essay writing service, often part-time educators and field practitioners, are a student’s go-to source of academic assistance and support.

Which other apps and tools besides these do you use?

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.