Blog Web Design Misconceptions You Should Not Believe

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When it comes to the web design of a blog, we can say that trends rapidly change. Because of this, what was the norm a couple of years ago is something that is no longer acceptable. We need to be up to date with what happens in the industry and we want to be sure that the design of our blog is as great as it could be.

The problem is that the rapid evolution of blog web design led towards various misconceptions appearing, mostly due to a lack of knowledge. Let us talk about those misconceptions that are the most damaging in the sense that they could use to making really bad design choices.

Blog Web Design Does Not Need To Be Responsive

A few years ago the concept of responsive web design did not exist but now we can say that it is a necessity. Magicdust Web Design highlights that it is vital for the blog to have a suitable responsive frame set up because of the fact that blog traffic is nowadays made out of a large part of mobile traffic.

The main reason why you want to be sure that web design takes into account responsive technology is that in the near future we will have most people reaching blogs via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. You want to be sure that your site will look great on smaller screens, which is impossible with the old web design approach.

Blogs Are All About Text

There is this misconception that the most important part of a blog is the text that is present on it. While we cannot deny that the content is what attracts people and makes them come back, transform into followers, it does not mean that the content should only be text. In fact, web design that is mainly based on the use of text is not effective since people do not want to see large bulks of text.

The secret to great blog web design in the content section of a site is to have a perfect mix of graphics, text and text formatting. All of these need to blend in order to offer a great browsing experience for the site visitor. Never forget about this as it would drastically increase the time spent on the site.

Buying A Theme Is Enough

The internet is practically filled with dozens of sites that offer thousands of templates that can be used for literally any blogging platform that you may use from WordPress to Joomla. Magicdust highlights that this access to cheap themes made blog owners think that it is enough to buy a theme and add it to be successful.

Remember that when you buy a theme and you use it, there will be many other sites that will look exactly the same. You have to modify that theme and brand it accordingly, together with designing a logo that will be your visual identity wherever you have a presence online. Never forget this as you want your site to look completely unique.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

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