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One of the concepts I liked that Ivin Viljoen from the authopublisher promotes is how to go from blogger to published author.  His site is all about self publishing tips and includes articles about blogging, writing and taking it to the next level by publishing your work.  The Authopublisher has a clean interface and lays out the latest articles clearly so they are easy to find.  The categories at the top offer the primary blog topics and not only can you find valuable writing tips and read quality blog articles.


Ivin has made a point to produce video’s and at last count there were 39 that help people not only read his articles but help to build a connection with his audience and help guide them through their goals to become published.

One of the most recent articles I have read is about creating a book trailer to help entice readers to purchase your book, he provides information on what a book trailer is, purpose and how to get a some quality audio or video trailers for your book.  I have read about fourteen articles in the past week and haven’t found a single article or video that didn’t provide some helpful information to me.

imageProbably one of the most valuable items to me is Ivin’s Publish with CreateSpace video courses.   This is because I have been meaning to not only create a poetry book for over a year now, but my wife needs me to help her create and publish her cookbook with CreateSpace which I have never used before.  I am certainly going to look forward to learning CreateSpace with Ivin’s tutorials and I intend to do a separate review specifically on his video courses to let my readers know if they are worth the money.  Note, you do get 11 video’s and 3 bonus gifts for $47 which isn’t a bad deal at all because he offers a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course.

If you are looking to have your work published and want to know more about going from blogger to publisher, then I recommend you head over to and bookmark Authopublisher today!

Justin Germino
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Justin Germino
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