Boounce Free Browser Extension: Optimize Web Browsing and Search

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What is Boounce?

Boounce is a light-weight web browser extension developed by Accrue Search Concepts, Inc. and is currently available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

What does Boounce do?

Boounce lets you compare search engines to choose what’s best for every search query/keyword. Boounce allows you to literally bounce between search engines and popular authority websites like Wikipedia, saving time and effort while browsing and at the same time providing you the best search results. When you search for a term, say “How to Start Blogging” using the Boounce Toolbar’s search box, your default search engine results page is displayed, which in my case is Google. Along with the results, an entire array of buttons is displayed with links to identical search results in other search engines and websites. When you click on another button, the results from that engine or website are displayed. You can thus bounce quite easily from one page to another without opening a new tab or typing another letter!

How does Boounce recommend search results?

While the search recommendations offered by Boounce are based on several factors, the most prominent ones are the keyword/search term and other users’ choices. While the Boounce community grows in size, the recommendations will become more optimized and will reflect popular opinion. This is a unique integration of social recommendations/bookmarks and algorithm based search engines, which takes away the demerits of both!
Duplicate results and unpopular websites are removed, while most of the results are from popular niche websites which people use as reference websites.  You don’t even need to change the way you search. Keep using the search engine you are most comfortable with. If Bing’s interface looks cooler than Google’s, no problem. You can retain your old browsing habits, while being offered several more choices if you can’t find what you are looking for!

Is there a Boounce toolbar? What if I don’t need it?

The Boounce extension/addon does have a “hideable” toolbar for both Firefox and Chrome, but you can disable it anytime just by clicking on the “X” sign at the right end. Then the extension starts working in the minimized mode. You will still get the recommendation buttons, but the toolbar will not be visible. If you want to re-open the toolbar, just click on the Boounce Thumbnail in the browser’s extension/addon menubar. The Boounce toolbar has an integrated search box, so that you don’t even need the default search box in the browser. The second search box is based on grouping of search engines. For example, if you want to search for movie reviews,

  • Click on the dropdown arrow beside the second search box.
  • Hover over Video and you will find a whole list of sites to search for reviews!

Customize your Boounce extension.

While most of the recommendations are based on search algorithms and community based choices, you can customize the extension/addon to a great extension.

Final Verdict.

Well, what could be better than the best of the worlds of search engines and social recommendations? The Boounce plugin/extension/addon is as light and easy to use as it gets. Personally, I would recommend it to anyone who browses the web regularly and with purpose!

Boounce Browser Extension

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.