Why Bother Using Facebook Commenting System?

I was visiting a link from Twitter the other day and on the bloggers site I saw the following text right above their Facebook commenting system:


I couldn’t help but think why bother having the Facebook commenting system installed at all with a statement like that.  I mean you basically are saying you may not respond to comments and interaction would be minimal if leaving a comment via the Facebook commenting plugin.

Disqus is a fairly good choice as it has a huge user base, emails readers when replies are left and is pretty popular among many blogs.  It doesn’t have as many social offerings as Livefyre but does have a guest commenting feature with Livefyre doesn’t have at the moment but will at some point.

Facebook commenting also doesn’t add any SEO value to your website as the Facebook comments don’t show up in the source code of your website either.   I personally would have opted to just stick with Disqus and discard the Facebook commenting entirely if I was running this site or at least change the statement message to make it more inviting.

  • How many others actually use the Facebook commenting system in addition to their regular commenting system?


  • I know some sites like TechCrunch.com exclusively use the Facebook commenting system, but how many other bloggers use it exclusively as the only commenting system?


  • What is your opinion of the Facebook commenting plugin and running it as a replacement or in addition to?

-Dragon Blogger

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