Is Instagram Just For Big Brands?

Instagram – it’s one of the coolest social networking sites. Instagram has cultivated its trendy vibe. And it seems to be working. The site reached the billion-user mark at the end of June 2018. With around half of the users being between 18 and 29 years old, it is a site that has resonance with millennials.

Which is part of the reason that so many big brands are jumping on board with the site. mentions just a few examples in their infographic such as Lego, Nordstrom Rack and Lowe’s. But, is it any good for smaller brands? What about a blogger trying to build her brand without a huge budget?
The beauty of Instagram is that it is relatively simple to build your brand without having to break the bank. Instagram Stories gives you a chance to connect with potential followers in an authentic manner.

According to the top digital marketing experts, everyone can benefit from using Instagram Stories. For a blogger, it is an excellent way to give people some insight into what goes on behind the scenes and to put a human face to the blog. That is not all that the stories are good for. You can also use them to create product reviews or teasers for upcoming posts. Or, if you like, use them as an opportunity to vlog about something that would interest your followers.

There are a number of ways to use the power of Instagram to build brand awareness. Using the Stories feature is a simple way to sneak a link into your post. While you are not allowed to post a link anywhere in the text, there is nothing stopping you from displaying a link in your video. Just do yourself a favor and use a shortened URL when displaying the link.
Want even more ideas for using Instagram Stories?

Check out the infographic below to see what the bigger brands have been doing. Now, we know your mom always warned you about not copying what other people did, but in this case, you can get some really cool ideas. So, check it out and treat it like crib notes for your finals.
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How Businesses Use Instagram Stories

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