BRAVEN Mira Review: A Beautiful Bluetooth Speaker

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Disclaimer: BRAVEN provided the Mira Bluetooth speaker for evaluation purposes. Opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own.

It seems nowadays several companies are pumping out water resistant Bluetooth enabled speakers. BRAVEN at the moment has already developed a line of Bluetooth speakers meant for use-and-abuse outdoors. The latest BRAVEN Mira however, had a different intention in mind. Rather than sport its traditional rugged attire, the Mira was given an aesthetic that is geared toward the home entertainment center. While the Mira is an attractive piece of tech, the real question is, can this hockey puck sized speaker deliver great sound? Watch our video review or continue reading to find out.

Beautiful Looks and Great Functionality

The Mira is one of the most eye-pleasing Bluetooth speakers that BRAVEN has released to date. If placed next to your iPhone, iPad, or other smart device, it wouldn’t look out of place. In fact, finding a spot to place your Mira could not be easier thanks to the little kickstand it comes with. The buttons are big, bold, and responsive – meaning that you don’t need to use the edge of your fingernail to operate the controls.

Works on the Fly All the Time

Getting the Mira to shake hands with Bluetooth devices appears to be a quick and easy affair. The range is decent and I didn’t experience any track skips. One thing I was pleased to see was that the Mira could be simultaneously plugged into a power source while in Bluetooth mode. Other Bluetooth speakers I’ve used oddly do not allow the use of a power source while Bluetooth is activated.

Music Volume vs. Call Volume

When it comes to playing your music, the BRAVEN Mira packs a nice audible punch. Even at half power, I could comfortably listen to a song from across the room. At full blast, the Mira could conceivably travel through the walls and disturb the neighbors. Sound quality was also pleasant and nicer than a few of the other Bluetooth speakers I’ve tested in the past.

In terms of the speakerphone’s volume and quality, I’d deem it passable – not flawless. In the video included with this review, you can listen to how the speakerphone sounds. To be perfectly honest, you cannot tell the difference that much between the quality of the iPhone’s speakerphone versus the Mira. The Mira pretty much matches up with the iPhone’s speaker with a tad more static and a smidge more distortion. It is more or less serviceable.

Is it Really Water Resistant?*

*Note: Water resistant does not equal water proof. This means if the device was in the rain or dropped in the pool for a second, it would survive. Water proof on the other hand means a device can be submerged up to a certain depth over a longer period of time.

One test I was simultaneously eager and anxious about was the water resistance test. In the video above, you can see that I subjected the Mira to water torture. The only adverse effect that occurred was a dip in volume when I made the speaker guzzle water from the showerhead at a close distance. Shaking the grill and letting the water drip out immediately got the Mira back in top form. So if you decide to take the Mira into the shower with you just make sure the showerhead isn’t blasting the speaker’s grill head-on. I doubt anyone would feasibly want to do that anyway.

Is the BRAVEN Mira water resistant? Heck yeah.
Is the BRAVEN Mira water resistant? Heck yeah.

Quirks and Complaints

There were only two annoyances that stuck out to me while using the Mira. For some reason, my model only allowed me to use the buttons on the device while in Bluetooth mode. There are quite a few devices I’d like to use the Mira with that do not include Bluetooth functionality and require an aux cable. I’m a little miffed that I can’t use the most basic functions of the Mira while doing so.

The second issue is the fact that the cover of the Mira’s power and audio connections feels easy to rip off. If one isn’t careful, a good tug could rip that compartment cover to bits and strip your Mira of its water resistant status. Though the compartment door does a good job of staying snugly shut, I can’t help but worry that a more careless speaker owner would render it useless.

In closing, the BRAVEN Mira packs a lot of power for a small package. While some other Bluetooth speakers may top the Mira in terms of pricing, I do not recall that many that match or surpass the Mira in terms of quality. So if you’re interested in picking up a Bluetooth speaker that can endure abuse and look stylish while doing so – the BRAVEN Mira is your speaker.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.