Can You Earning From Playing Games? 3 Ways to Earn from Gaming

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

There are numerous options to earn from pro gaming, especially with the boom within the industry. Today people of all ages are able to make a decent living from the comfort of their homes on their mobile phones, laptops or desktops by simply being experts in what they love, gaming. A common saying declares: ‘Do whatever makes your heart glad and you will never have to seek employment.’ You’ll hear it a lot while trying to determine your career path or to change your current one. After reading this article, you’ll believe the true meaning of the saying.

1) Live Streams

Live streaming is common and quite simple to set-up. Several live streaming sites allow gamers to play games and let viewers watch as they do. It’s basically one of the easiest ways to turn your gaming passion into profits. But how does one set up? You’ll need a few items – a camera, a tripod, a laptop, good internet connection and an encoding device. Once you’re all set up, you’ll need to create a profile in any of the streaming sites. The common sites include Twitch, Youtube Gaming, Beam and Hitbox.  From there on, you can start playing games live, and if you’re good at it you’ll get many followers.


Once you start getting followers, that can take up to a couple of months, you can now start monetizing your profile. For Twitch you get to choose the number of ads you would want to display on your videos, and for each link clicked, you get paid through your PayPal account. The more the click-through rate the more the cash inflow to your account. These ads are from several game developers or casino sites with 20 pounds free no deposit bonus. You can also earn money through a partnership programme. Here, you partner with the streaming site, and for any subscriber who pays a constant regular fee, you get a commission.


2) Guides

Another way to earn from pro gaming is through creating guides. Say you are a professional casino roulette player, many beginners and amateurs would love to catch a glimpse of how you do it. You can create guides   short YouTube videos, written ebooks, and site articles to help them improve their skills. Money can be earned from the site publications and YouTube videos through advertisements. You can also get some good revenue from the sales of ebooks.

However, this method may be difficult to set up for several reasons. First, anyone can write books and create articles related to the games increasing the competition rate. Secondly, you’ll need to create really high-quality content and have top-notch writing skills in order to stand out. You can be a good gamer but not a great content creator. You can easily evade all these arising issues by partnering with skilled individuals to create the needed content and by providing better and more practical insight than others.

3) Game Testing

Game testing is a fun career where the gamers test games privately for the developers before they are released publicly. You’ll be surprised at how much casino game developers are ready to part with in order to ensure their releases are perfect or the closest to that. If you are a pro gamer and you understand all the concepts, elements related to the gameplay; this is the perfect job for you. All you get to do is to sit back, assess games, detect bugs or any form of lagging and give detailed reviews and recommendations on how to improve them.

Game testing may sound like the best channel of earning for pro gamers but may be the hardest. It requires an incredible amount of research to identify the casino game developers who have vacant position for testers. You will also have to constantly apply to and join services like BetaFamily, MyAppAware, ErliBird, and PlaytestCloud. However, if persistent in getting the place, in the end, you’ll get your dream job. Smaller companies are easier to get. So, start with those and work your way up. The average tester in the UK earns around £14 per hour, not bad for simply playing games.

If you love gaming and you are a pro at it, what is the better way to live life than making some revenue out of it? The opportunities in the industry are endless. So, you can quit your job and pursue your dream career.

There are lot more options to make money from, sit back research and choose one which suits you best.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.