Can You Quit Your Day Job to Blog?

I was reading an article over on titled How to Make $30,000 a year Blogging where the author writes great details on how a blogger should set goals and break out their goals into manageable chunks to make them seem more reachable. Though I myself am only making around 8% of 30k per year blogging, I have been blogging for 14 months with 2 blogs trying to earn money while enjoying blogging as a hobby. I have cleared about $2500 in my first 14 months earning, and my most recent months were not my most profitable if you think that you always grow more profit with each passing month. But if you are considering to stay at home and blog full time, don’t forget blogging income alone can’t just match your salary from your day job, assuming that your company pays part of your health insurance, PTO and you pay taxes, you would have to make almost 2x your full time job to be able to quit your day job and blog full time.

For people who have families the health insurance alone can cost 500-700 dollars per month if you have to pay out of pocket to cover a family, if you made 30,000 USD in one year blogging, lets say 22k after taxes, more than 8k covers health insurance premiums and another 2k in copays for an average family of four, which means if you can live on 30k from a salary day job, you need at least 50k equiv in blogging income to live the same lifestyle.

Lets also remember that bills are constant (every month paid same time) and blogging incomes are constantly changing, one good month or week, one bad month or week. Unless you are making enough that a fluctuating week or month is still enough to cover your expenses, you could come up short some months.

One last note about the article is that they mention doing affiliate sales and sales of your own E-books or products as a part of blogging income, I don’t consider affiliate earnings blogging at all. They are product sales, though a blog can be used as a medium to sell products, it isn’t really blogging selling affiliate products or your own books. But you are right that affiliate sales are where the real money is, if you have a product to sell that you created and can keep most of the earnings, and it is something that you can sell and people want you can make good earnings. This is an area I have yet to tap myself though and something I have been hoping to try and gain more success at in the future.

Share your thoughts about blogging, earning full time and your goals. I would love to hear from fellow bloggers.

-Dragon Blogger

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