Carnage resumes in Serious Sam 3

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There is nothing serious about this title and developers made it crystal clear that the fans of the franchise will not have to waste too much time planning their next move. Serious Sam 3 is a visceral, gory first person shooter than doesn’t pretend to be an elitist videogame and focuses mostly on keeping the player wired all the time. Thousands of blood thirsty monsters are attacking you from all directions, but since there is no scarcity of guns and ammo, you will have no problem in repelling the invaders.

Good ol’ times

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If you miss the times when shooting monsters felt like riding a rollercoaster and think that modern first person shooters are closer to strategy games, you will surely love Serious Sam 3. It’s been a while since the original title was released, but almost two decades after that event, the third installment is very much alike. In theory, being too similar with a game released when shooters were a novelty is not a good idea, but this is the exception that confirms the rule and fans are anxious to sink their teeth into it.

Monsters are every bit as frightening as we know them, but thanks to the advances in technology, they are now more than mindless beasts running around. The level of detail is impressive and although they look very well alive, the real treat is when you blow them to pieces and see them explode in tiny bits. So much blood can trigger an immediate response from some parents, but at its core, Serious Sam 3 is really a harmless game. It is like target practice in a much more competitive arena and although the experience itself can be pretty exhausting, once you exit the game you will hardly think about what happened.

Blood runs deeper than narratives

Boss fights are particularly attractive and with these alien beasts being tougher, smarter and faster than their regular peers, you will probably have to reload a couple of times. Less experienced users will probably repeat this procedure fairly often while playing the single player campaign, but unlike other shooters, this has no chance of generating frustration. The gameplay hasn’t changed dramatically and if you are familiar with the game mechanics from the previous titles, this will be a breeze.

The more the merrier, so if you can tag along some buddies who also happen to appreciate classic shooters, the multiplayer will rock your world. Up to 16 serious Sams can go online and the cooperative mode is the best choice for those who want to share the excitement. The map will run red with the blood of monsters slain and even if there will surely be some causalities in your team as well, there is nothing a reload can’t fix. Serious Sam 3 is every bit as fun as its predecessors and since it doesn’t need a narrative to keep people wired, we have all the reasons to expect a new installment in a not so distant future.

For now a rating of 4 out of 5 stars should please both hardcore fans and newcomers.

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This is what you will be pit against:

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.