Review of the Thermaltake Suppressor F51 Computer Case

Thermaltake again takes its aim at performance with the Suppressor F51 E-ATX Mid-Tower case. The stock case alone provides just about everything needed, but we are never happy with stock, and neither is Thermaltake.  Let’s take a look at the features and spec’s. ThermalTake Suppressor F51 Windowed Specs and features Motherboard Support: Micro-ITX, Micro ATX, ATX, Extended ATX (E-ATX) Mid Tower Maximum GPU Length without HDD Cage: 18.3 inches / 465mm Maximum GPU Length with … Read more

Windows 10 Couldn’t Update The System Reserved Partition

Okay so I upgraded 4 out of 5 machines in my house without any issues to Windows 10, but one Lenovo Z575 laptop was having a ton of problems after trying to Upgrade to Windows 10 the installer would exit out simply saying Windows 10 Couldn’t Update the System Reserved Partition and would just give me no options but to exit.  Basically it said Can’t Upgrade to Windows 10 and I was stuck and had … Read more

Redirect Windows 10 Cortana to use Google Chrome Instead

While there is no native way in Windows 10 (yet) to change Cortana to query Google instead of Bing to get you the answers she searches for, there are plugins for Google Chrome that achieve the same results provided that you use Chrome as your default web browser. Bing to Google   Set Chrome as your Default Browser in Windows Store (video here how to do it) and then you can install Bing2Google Chrome Extension. … Read more

Windows 10 Xbox DVR Recording Feature

So something new for Windows 10 Users is built in game recording and Game DVR recording features that are part of the Windows 10 Xbox application, this is a little guide to cover what I have tested so far and the limitations of the Xbox Game Recording functionality in Windows 10. First you can just simply use the Game Recording app by hitting Windows+G key while in most games, though you will have issues with … Read more