Chargetech Portable AC Power Bank Video Review

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This is a review of the Chargetech Portable AC Power Bank and what you get is a 27,000mAh Power Bank that also happens to have an AC Outlet so you can actually power anything up to 85W.  This means that with this power bank you can actually power a laptop, Chromebook, TV or other device and not just USB charging devices.  The Chargetech Portable AC Power bank also has 2 USB ports though so you can charge up to 2 USB devices even at the same time you are powering another device via the AC port.

Check out the Unboxing Video of the Chargetech Portable AC Power Bank

Obviously, the first thing you notice about the Chargetech Portable AC Power Bank is the size, it is quite a large battery pack and you can see it is almost the size of half an 11″ Chromebook and thicker than a typical Chromebook by about double.

chargetech power bank (1)

Next to an iPhone 6S the Chargetech Power Bank simply looks huge, but it has enough charge to power that iPhone 6S for about a week without it needing to be plugged into an outlet.  You are getting 27,000mAh of power stored in this power pack and this means you really can go for long periods of time without access to an AC outlet.  This is ideal for long road trips or flights (international) that take more than 5-6 hours. I was on a 19-hour flight to Europe several years back and this would have been a life saver for extending my laptop battery life back then, if only I had this product 3 years ago!

chargetech power bank (3)

So the Chargetech Power Bank is pretty simple, you have an on/off button on the top of the device right above the Chargetech logo.  This also shows you how much power is left in the device and it has 4 LED indicator lights each presumably indicating 25% of the battery.

chargetech power bank (4)


On the front face of the Chargetech Portable AC Power Bank, you can see the AC outlet on the left and there is also an AC Outlet On/Off switch so that you can conserve battery if you only want to use the USB charging ports.  To the right of that switch is the two USB charging ports which are auto-sensing and can output up to 2.4A output on both ports, they sense and deliver the right output to whatever device is plugged in to make sure maximum charging speed is accomplished.

chargetech power bank (5)

I primarily used this power bank to keep an Acer Chromebook charged and using this power bank as the only source of power, I was able to confirm this Acer Chromebook which normally has enough power to last 8-9 hours was able to stay powered on for average use of 8 hours a day for 3 days.  So it nearly tripled the battery life of the Acer Chromebook and I was truly impressed by the amount of power storage and the convenience of having an AC outlet in a power bank.

chargetech power bank (2)
The disadvantage and only thing I would say would be enough to turn readers away is the price, at $185 dollars this is a premium product it delivers but it comes at a very high price cost and the fact that it is priced just about the same as the Acer Chromebook itself is showing you that you are going to pay a pretty premium for the ability to keep your laptop or other devices charging using your AC Outlet in your Power Bank. So the affordability of the Chargetech Portable AC Power Bank is the only real negative I would say about the product, though the product is large in size considering how much capacity the power bank has and the fact it still fits in a bag with a laptop I didn’t think the size was so offputting as to considered it a negative given what it can charge.  The fact you can use this power bank to power an LED TV or other devices for hours is also a huge plus too if you happen to run tradeshows or setup a booth at a flea market, yard sale, swap meet, or even a farmers market that has no power outlets, this gives you an edge over other booths.  So I can see this more as a great device for the small business owner/entrepreneur than for the casual mobile device user due to it’s hefty price tag.  I am also starting to see 24,000mAH power banks for $129 and the 3,000 more mAh in this power bank doesn’t in my opinion, justify the $50 increase in price.

Here is the video review for the Chargetech Portable AC Power Bank

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.