Letton S20 Wired Gaming Mouse Review

This is a review of the Letton S20 Wired Gaming Mouse with 4 DPI settings that range from 600 – 2400 DPI.  This is a simple gaming mouse for those on a budget that works pretty well and has a nice aesthetic look to the mouse.

Unboxing the Letton S20 Wired Gaming Mouse


Video review of the Letton S20 Wired Gaming Mouse

The mouse has two thumb buttons which are fixed as the page forward and page back buttons for the browser, they can’t really be customized for gaming Macro settings and the mouse has no software or ability to store profiles making it a very simple mouse.  For a gaming mouse it really only has the DPI switch settings for those who prefer to have some DPI variability between games, the mouse is light weight and glides across the mousepad with ease and tracks very fast movements.  It claims to track up to 8G acceleration so you can’t move your hand faster than this mouse can track accurately no matter what FPS you play.

Letton S20 (3)-001 Letton S20 (4)-001 Letton S20 (5)-001 Letton S20 (6)-001

I tested the mouse with Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Ark: Survival Evolved and daily use with Paint.NET, WordPress, Internet Browsing…etc.  I found the mouse to be a bit on the lighter side for me, I prefer heavy mice with either metal bases or with adjustable weights you can install in the mice.  I also found the mouse to be a bit narrow for my large hands, I prefer a wider mouse where my fingers can rest on the mouse itself, with the Letton S20 Gaming Mouse my pinky was sliding on the mousepad or I had to have my fingers cramped in a position that wasn’t comfortable to keep all fingers on the Letton S20 Mouse itself.


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