Check Out the Onforu Outdoor Bluetooth Party Speakers

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If you are looking four an outdoor Bluetooth speaker system that is ideal for patio and pool parties, then look no further than the Onforu outdoor Bluetooth speakers as they are sold as a 2-pack and offer an impressive array of features besides sound.  

Each speaker packs 12.5W of output with it’s full range driver and 2 passive radiators.  Onforu claims with bass boost there is less than 1% total harmonic distortion for a better listening experience as well.    These speakers take about 3 hours to charge via the provided AC charger and have 300 hours of standby time with about 20 hours of music play time with medium volume when not using the LED mood lights and 10 hours when using the medium LED mood lights.   Battery indicator will be solid when fully charged and blink rapidly when battery is almost out.

These speakers really come alive at night, the mood lighting is where they shine literally.  Turning any pool or backyard into a party when having the lighting activated, there are also 5 levels of brightness and 8 total different colors for the speakers. You can choose between the always on light options and choose a specific color from:  Red / Dark Blue / Light Blue / Amber / Green / Purple / Pink or  White Color.  Or you can use the color changing modes which are color-changing fade, or color-changing pulse modes.  Pressing the light bulb button will change between the brightness levels which are off, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% or 100%.

Waterproof Speakers for Beach, Pool and More

These speakers are IPX5 waterproof which means they can take a splash (not submerge) and are able to be placed within distance of pools and you don’t have to worry about splash radius or if a light drizzle interrupts your BBQ party.  They are also ideal for beach parties as well and you don’t have to worry about a little ocean spray dripping off people’s hands if they need to touch the speakers while wet.


These speakers support Bluetooth, but also included is also a 3.5mm auxiliary cable in case you want to connect a legacy music playing device that doesn’t support Bluetooth as well.

Onforu Speakers offer 360 Degree HD Surround with up to 100 Speaker Pairing

This is where the product stands out and is significant to note, you can pair up to 100 Onforu speakers and place them all around a part to provide 360 degree sound to everyone for even very large environments.  The speakers use a 5.8Ghz signal technology and can be up to 100 feet away from each other and still function.  Note, to pair speakers one speaker is the “primary” and to sync your speakers you have to press the SYNC button on the first speaker until the transmitter light starts flashing.  Then you turn on all the “receiver” speakers and press the Sync button on those until the RX indicators flash and then stay solid and on all the time.

After synchronizing your Onforu speakers they recommend you only ever power on and off the primary speaker first, so power on the primary speaker then secondary speakers and power off the primary speaker then the secondary speakers.  It would have been good if they included some stickers in the pack at least a “primary” sticker so that you can mark which one is your primary speaker, but you can just see which speaker has the TX light fully light to know which one is primary as the primary has the TX light lit and the secondaries will all have the RX light lit.

Say you don’t want to pair them and you want to use one for different rooms and have different devices control them, you can do that and use each speaker independently if you prefer as well.

Pairing your Phone to the Onforu Bluetooth Speaker

Now, to pair your Bluetooth device just go to your primary speaker (the TX one) and if the Bluetooth light is flashing, then look for the ONFORU SK01 device in your Bluetooth device list and pair with it, if not then hold the Bluetooth button until it blinks to activate pairing mode.

In Short, if you are in the need for a pair of Wireless Bluetooth Speakers that are waterproof, and provide enough sound for a party, then Onforu has you covered and you get both speakers for $129.99 whether you order them on Amazon or Onforu website directly.

Enclosed is the button panel and port information for the Onforu Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.






We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.