Interview with the Dysmorphia Gaming team

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In my call for streamer interviews I had someone reach out to me asking if I would be interested in interviewing a gaming team which wasn’t specifically a streamer or stream team but a group that gamers can join and a community they could be a part of.  I was curious to learn more so I accepted the interview and it was rather unique in that they had me pose my interview questions to the entire discord channel so I could get responses from anyone who wanted to participate.  This is my interview with the Dysmorphia Gaming Group.

Justin – Thanks for Inviting me to join the Dysmorphia Discord Group, How did you come up with the name Dysmorphia for your Gaming Group?

LostOrigin – I came up with the name after our original team was disbanded. we were originally called Lostorigins But we decided that we needed to re-brand and refocus our paths. we chose Dysmorphia as we are all one big family with a mixture of races creeds and viewpoints so dysmorphia sounded quite fitting to our diversity
we also chose dysmorphia due to its meaning, its abnormal and deformed.. we don’t like following other channels and like to be unique and stand out from the crowd.

Justin – I like unique and standing out, so what would someone get by saying I am part of Dysmorphia Gaming Group? If someone asks am I a good fit, who is the group for? What does it mean to them as far as networking, benefits, what they get out of putting time in to the community?

LostOrigin – Well Dysmorphia is all about networking we offer In house events designed to bring a more active environment and promote teamwork. We also have implemented a Stream bot on our server that automatically announces when your stream goes live to the community. Naturally all our events are Open for Streaming and we actively promote the use of streaming. We also have some experienced members always willing to lend a hand with settings and currently have a stream layout in production for members who are unable to afford a professional layout but still want a clean look on there streams. Here in Dysmorphia were all about having a good time and we believe if your having a good time then the people watching your stream are too so we try to promote that in all our members. We are after all a family. A lot of our core members are close friends and have been a team since the days of Lostorigins. We all play nearly every day so it’s never hard to find a teammate roaming our channels either! Were hoping to expand our player experience by creating a training program for beginners which is a new development for 2020. We’re really excited about it.

Another benefit to Dysmorphia is our Minecraft server for all members to play. And we’re soon hoping to Implement more games to our repertoire with the implementation of a rust server and potentially others. These are to promote community interest and Open more avenues for dysmorphia to grow in. We’re really looking forward to the road ahead

Justin – Very cool and the community game servers for games like Minecraft, Rust and I can see Ark and potentially others being a very cool place for members to network and have fun playing together.  So my next question is about growth, you touched on goals for Dysmorphia gaming community in the fact you want to implement a Rust server and training program, would you like to elaborate out more a roadmap?  Do you have time tables, or is it more of a “wishlist” without any set goal for what time either like 3 months, 6 months…etc.

LostOrigin – We do currently have a Year Planning that is currently in production and is available to members upon request from the admin team. this lets players see what we have planned in the coming months. We have started to research a calendar system that will allow us to post Events etc more permanently on a platform and we currently have a coder working on some concepts for us to try and implement this smoothly. one of our main focuses for this year is the implementation of our server league of legends team. we have a pro-guides account to use as a reference guide for our coaches to refresh there knowledge of certain aspects of the game. we’re hoping to set off our server league team in march with applications starting mid february. we’re hoping this will allow our team to have a more permanent online presence and allow us to have a more stable connection with our members. this will also allow us to branch and and create montage video’s and other opportunities to aid with future recruitments which is a direction the admin are really looking forward to seeing.

Justin – Yeah a calendar system is what we use for my multi-streamer channel, we use Google Calendar which has a slightly better integration with Twitch panel but Teamup is an excellent calendar system that is clean and doesn’t even require people to have accounts to make changes as you can create custom admin links for people without them needing accounts and the links tie to the users calendars.  So my next question goes back to community support and growth, you mention that you try to encourage watching members streams and visiting each other.  As the group grows obviously it can be a challenge, once a group becomes many hundreds of members or thousands of members it is simply impossible to visit every one on even a weekly basis.  How do you plan on trying to balance supporting team members, will there be a structured way like daily group visits, featured weekly streamers/gamers, or some other way to help rotate out support to various members?  Do you plan on siloing out game players and streamers based on streaming platform  (Twitch / Mixer / YouTube…etc) or just game in channels (League, Minecraft..etc)?

LostOrigin We do have a plan ready for expansion however it is still in the early development stages and needs fine tuning. one aspect we have spoken about is obviously bolstering our stream bots and also making mini watch party events etc within our channels. we have also toyed with the idea on making a streamer of the week in our channel and also creating some sort of streamer based prizes for winning our in-house tournaments. there is still a long road before we have to go to them extremes but we’re all excited to push forward and will be ready for when that day comes. we will to be unique and fluid with our recruitment styles and strategies and are always looking for new options and strategies so all our members and always free to leave us a message with tips or reviews of programs etc to make our lives easier. and as we have said we’ll be creating a survey for members to fill out to leave suggestions on ways to increase our community. we want dysmorphia to not become anything other than it is.. a community of gamers and that’s our key focus.

Justin – My last question was for the community members and I broadly asked what do you like most about Dysmorphia community and how do you engage with the community?

The community responded with:

Glenn responded with “For me… Dsymorphia was a place in which i can be myself. I struggled a lot as a kid cause of my sexual preference (im gay) and so I don’t really trust guys, but since i’ve met the admin team and even joined their ranks. I’ve never felt so comfortable around these people. I like to think the best part of dysmorphia isn’t just the community. But the people. Each individual person has a perk and quirk to who they are. Something that makes them. Perfect. In every way haha as you can tell im very foud of this place.”

An anonymous fan responded with “For me dysmorphia is simply my my family always there for me and always willing to have a laugh. I have been here since the days of lost origins and they have helped me through some very dark times in my life and they are some of the best people I have ever met”

So I think the best way to wrap up this interview is to showcase a quote posted in one of their channels which said “To all Gamers out there! we are Dysmorphia Gaming, a diverse accepting group of gamers who primarily focus on League of Legends, but we are willing to play other games if we have a group for it! We would love to welcome anyone new into our ranks and offer ideas and events to make this community brighter and more fun! We welcome anyone regardless of skill, we will help you by training you and giving you tips and help if you ask for it! our staff are extremely friendly and diverse. If you want to give it a try, then why not go for it and join today!” If you are a gamer and want to join a supportive community, find people to play with, talk to, and just not feel isolated or alone, then just in the few days I have been meeting and talking with this community I can tell you they are very inclusive and are the opposite of what you hear as the “toxic gaming community”.  These are the people who won’t judge you because you are different, won’t judge you based on what you like/play…etc.  And we can all use a little more inclusivity am I right?

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.