How to Pick an Electric Skateboard

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Electric skateboards give you the satisfying thrill of cruising around without sweating much. As long as you’re confident on your board, electric skateboards are an efficient and entertaining solution when you have to walk a mile or two after alighting the bus. However, picking the right skateboard can be confusing because you have to make essential decisions on skateboard setup, battery type, and accessories. Here are a few things to consider before picking an electric skateboard.


1. How Good Are Your Skating Skills?

Electric skateboarding can be dangerous because the decks move at incredibly high speeds; the board can send you flying upon collision with an obstacle. If you’re not confident or experienced enough, this type of board can be challenging to handle.

Beginners should try single-motor boards. With these boards, the motor is at the back end of the deck, in between the two rear wheels. These boards are easier on acceleration and are not overly fast.

Experts can choose double-motors, which have more rotating force. There are multiple types of boards available in the market. Check out this source for the best quality skateboards.

2. Try the Brakes

Brakes are lifesavers, so you should always test them no matter your skill level. Electric boards might require sudden braking, primarily due to their high speeds. The abrupt braking can cause the board to jerk, making it difficult for you to keep your balance.

Before you choose a board, you need to test the brakes in a safe environment. Start by gathering high speeds then applying the brakes to see how the board reacts. If you’re not confident of getting to higher speeds, let the store owner try the brakes for you.

Ask the store owner whether the board has mechanical or electrical brakes. Mechanical breaks are preferable. Electrical brakes are more risky because if the board malfunctions, the brakes fail as well. Make sure you read the instructions on the board and find a contingency plan if the breaks suddenly fail.

3. Establish the Features and the Terrain

There are boards for all kinds of terrain. All boards can ride on tarmac and smooth paths. However, other types of terrain may call for particular features.

You may need a board with more torque if you’re going to ride upslope regularly. If you’re frequently skateboarding uphill, you should consider getting belt-driven wheels, which feature a powerful pulley system. However, the pulley system has its fair share of challenges. You might experience resistance when pushing the board manually.

Some skaters prefer hub wheels in place of the belt-driven wheels. Hub wheels have motors built on them but also less power to move uphill.

If your riding track has cracks or poor maintenance, you might consider changing wheels to a type that is softer and wider. Usually, a 78A – 87A range is perfect for low hardness.

You also can get off-road skateboards. These boards have wheels that are wider than the width of the board and are stuck off the axles. This design gives you more control and stability. The types of wheels make the boards more comfortable on bumpy or uneven roads.

Lastly, ensure the board has adequate waterproofing to handle any kind of surface or riding conditions.

4. Safety Features

Before you get on your board and start riding, there are a few safety measures you should observe. First, make sure you get a remote control when purchasing the board. This remote should have a wrist-strap and gear selection, which will allow you to move to different speeds. It will help you save on battery usage and also maintain greater control of your board in tight areas.

Bottom Line

Electric skateboards have revolutionized skateboarding as a sport and leisure activity. Ensure you follow all the safety procedures before enjoying this wonderful sport.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.