Time Management Tips For The Busy Blogger

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Many bloggers, especially the new ones, battle with time. Because the to-do in blogging is enormous, especially when one has to work hard to promote and increase the natural referencing of your service. Many others have experienced the same, and some are still in the phase of trying to manage time effectively.

Now, what strategy do we bloggers have to adapt to achieve more in a little time? How do you think we can collectively handle this technical hurdle?

This article answers the above two questions and present top researched techniques to manage your time effectively with real-life narrations. Basecamp time tracking becomes a necessity since their pattern of service requires them to post the appropriate thing at the right time.

7 Time Management Tips For The Busy Blogger

Remove Distractions

This is what many of us are guilty of while working on our blog. Too many distractions in our minds, some distractions are physical, while some are emotional. Imagine you as a blogger working and in the background are television, phone, and sometimes even pet. They are distractions.

As soon as we eliminate these distractions, the outcome is high productivity. Elimination of distractions also means focusing on a planned task and not performing any job at the same time. This is common for bloggers, and it is a waste of time as you may end up not finishing accurately any of them. Some other times you may be working on a post, and the next thing is a notification about an email; you are distracted.

Now, understand that we are different and tend to handle things differently. So, identify your solution to distraction issues, and you will marvel at increasing your level of productivity. As for me, I manage all the mentioned distractions by defining time for each project, and it might work for you, too.

Evaluate Your Time

This is what will serve as an index to ascertain which part needs to be amended. Evaluate all the time you used in various activities daily. The time you spent on Facebook, Instagram, watching programs, etc. Make a rough estimation of it in the whole week and probably monthly. With this, you can make substitutions where necessary to fit the task of blogging. Allocate more time to what your priority is as a blogger.

Tackle Small Tasks First

Focus on the smaller or easier task first, especially when you have started losing interest. Remember that your time is expensive, and once you start losing interest, you will be less productive, and time waits for no one. But when you have a focus on the more straightforward or smaller task, before anything happens, you will have at least finished one thing.

Take Breaks

You may probably be the type that thinks having a break is time-wasting, right? It is unarguable that you are wrong! Break serves as a booster. Once you need break, it means you are exhausted, and whatever you are doing from then will be with the least concentration and efficiency. But as soon as you have a break, you will start your blog with fresh energy and productivity, too. This will eventually save you time.

Automate When Necessary

Whatever will save you time in your process of blogging is worth the sacrifice. Not everything you will do manually swiftly. In some of our blog posts, automation can significantly play a key role and speed up our processes. A typical example is our case when Pinterest, the primary source of our traffic has to be managed with the aid of an automation device because it’s time-intensive. We cautiously used tailwind to reduce the time wasted. This has worked for us, and now we are more productive than we used to be. One exciting thing about automation is that all you need to do is to set the device and continue doing other stuff, and the result will come at the end.

Batch Tasks

If you want to do all things at the same time, you may end up without achieving any of them. Have a schedule, and be strict about it. Work out a timetable and assign a specific time for different tasks.

One thing about time is that if one is achieving a lot, it tends to encourage them, and their productivity is increased. Likewise, time management is efficient. A strategy we commonly adopt in our place here is that the morning time from 9 AM -1 PM is strictly for blogging work and nothing else. Then from 1 PM – 2 PM is for checking our emails, WhatsApp messages, Facebook, and some other minor media platforms. All the activities that are not in the categories mentioned are blocked at that particular point in time.

Plan and Schedule

Based on the hierarchy or the preferences of the task, arrange them, and follow them in chronological order. With this, you hardly derail in your jobs, and your time will be saved. Track your progress and often when to post. Don’t just be a random blogger. Be professional by observing what will generate traffic at a time, and it will require less time, or if it is necessary and time demanding, go for automation.

Final thoughts

Blogging is a time-intensive program, and it has a lot of work. Especially if one is new in it, one of the challenges you will face is proper management of time. One needs to be smart, cautious, and stringent to some layout principles to have the best. This article has given you the best required to manage your time and achieve more in little time.

Are you a busy person that runs many businesses and still operates a blog? How do you combine these effectively and progressively? We care to learn from your experience if you can share it with us in the comment section.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.