Choetech USB Type C to Lightning Cable Review

There is only so much you can do when showcasing a simple USB cable as the real testing to me mostly comes from durability which takes months of use before you can report back and say that you got your return on your investment on the longevity of the cable.  So note that this review of the Choetech USB Type-C to Lightning cable is done with only about a weeks worth of usage to charge 2 different iPhones and it was paired with a Charmast portable power bank.

So what you get with this cable is a tightly braided USB cable that has a USB Type-C plug on one end and a Lighting plug on the other end.  This is an ideal cable if you want to charge your iPhone XR or iPad Mini with a USB Type C port on a power bank to maximize the power output capability of USB Type C which often has a higher volt/Amp output than standard USB ports allowing your phone to pull as much as it can to charge as quickly as it can.

This video review shows you the cable and power bank it was paired with to test when charging my iPhone XR.

The Choetech USB Type-C to Lighting Cable does come with a velcro tie but it isn’t affixed to the cable and I lost it within 2 days as it rolls up small and is easily misplaced, more my fault than the brands but it would have been good if they affixed one side to the cable so it couldn’t come off completely.  The cable length at more than four feet (1.2 meters) was more than sufficient to plug the cable into an A/C adapter on a wall outlet and it be able to reach up on top of a desk or an end table or dresser to charge your device at night.  Though it wasn’t long enough if you have a bunk bed and need it to reach from the floor adapter to the top bunk as 6 foot cables can.

The tight braided cord of the Choetech USB Type-C to Lighting Cable was very sturdy and stable, it kept the cord from easily bending or crimping and appears to do a good job protecting the delicate wiring inside from being damaged if you bend the cable or twist it up.  The plug heads themselves appear to be fastened securely and protected as well but it will take using this cable hundreds of times over months to really prove the durability.  One thing I can say is that the cheap plastic coated cables almost always have issues after a few months where the cord plastic separates near the plug head exposing the thin delicate wires which eventually fray, or lead to crimping and breaking of the tiny wires inside the main cord.  This is unlikely to happen with the Choetech USB Type C to Lightning cable based on my initial assessment but I will update this review months in the future if the situation should change.

I highly recommend to pick up the Choetech USB Type C to Lightning cable if you are in the need of one, and the Charmast power bank is an excellent portable power bank to pair it with.


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