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Web Based Church Management Software Provides One Place For All Activities

With web based church management software, church leaders can access all the information in the data base from home or anywhere that has an Internet connection when they’re traveling. Software upgrades are transparent, with no downloads requirement. Database backups are done automatically by the church management software.

Attendees Can Pay For An Event from Anywhere With Web Based Event Registration Software

Along with web based church management software, Congregation Builder offers web based event registration software. While online registering saves valuable time for event organizers, accepting payments can become frustrating. With the web based event management software, users’ minds rest peacefully knowing they are using the security and ease of PayPal.

Reserve Rooms With Ease Using Web Based Room Reservation Software

Avoid explaining an accidental double-booking with Congregation Builder’s web based room reservation software. This software goes beyond operating as a calendar. The manager of room reservations is alerted as soon as they attempt to book a room that has been previously scheduled. In addition, with a few clicks of the mouse, holidays, and notes can be added to the calendar.

Keeping Your Church Website Up-To-Date Just Got Easier

Your webmaster can easily make the calendar a part of your church websitee. It will display there every month and your changes will display on the website without further action by your webmaster. The software will also generate an Upcoming Events page and an Upcoming Sunday Service page. Keeping your church website up-to-date just got easier.

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