WordPress Plugin: Category Reminder

Now that I have a writing staff over at DragonBlogger.com I needed some extra plugins to assist some of my new writers who had no familiarity with WordPress.  I found one of these plugins was Category Reminder written by Robert Felty and this plugin will trigger a popup that tells the writer they must select a category if they forgot.  It will also highlight your category sections in yellow to help make them stand out.  When searching for Category Reminder in the WordPress Plugins library make sure you find the one by Robert Felty, there are 2 with the exact same name and the other plugin hasn’t been updated in over 3 years though it just adds a reminder under the publish button to select category, I prefer this one which actually pops up a reminder in case they forgot.


This is also helpful for new WordPress bloggers who may have forgotten to select a category and is a good way to get into the habit so all your posts don’t end up in the “Uncategorized” category by accident.

-Dragon Blogger

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