Cougar Mechanical Gaming Keyboard AttackX3-4IS Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion


I really enjoyed this keyboard, there are only a few things wrong with it but they are not show stoppers by any means, unless you are an Apple user.

The first thing is that it only comes with Red lighting.  I love Blue and would prefer it be in blue, but I learned how to type in Middle School on a type writer (yes a type writer, not a keyboard) and with that I don’t need to look at the keyboard so it is not so bad.

It does not have a USB hub to maybe attach one of their own mice to, it takes up a USB port, and it should give one back.  USB ports are valuable and I feel like it would help sell more of their devices, maybe not a ton but some.  As a hub again, it does not have 3.5mm headphone/microphone jacks.

Lastly, but surely would boost sales drastically is the fact that they do not have Apple drivers, and with that will not support Apple.  Mind you, it’s a USB keyboard that really does not require drivers so surely it would work and if I have a Mac I would test this but I don’t and even their support site does not list Apple.  Not an Apple guy or anything, but it would drive sales.


  • Great price
  • Has a braided USB cable
  • Is back-lighted
  • Offers 5 modes of lighting
  • Programmable Keys
  • Multi-Media Keys
  • High Quality Components
    • Brushed Aluminum
  • Offers a variety of Cherry MX Switches (Red, Black, Blue and Brown)
  • Optional Software Install: Does not require software to utilize all of the features


  • Only one color LED option, Red
  • No USB Hub
  • No 3.5mm Headphone/Microphone Jack
  • No Apple Support

This is a great keyboard that offers just about everything one could want; with high quality components it feels very nice.  Not a fan of the Red back-lighting myself, but if they offered more than one color it surely would have cost more.  The USB hub and Headphone and Microphone port would have added cost as well to the final price and while nothing I have listed so far affects the final score, they would have been nice to have.  The last concern, that does affect the score but by only half a point keeping it from being a perfect review is the fact that it does not support Apple.

In all, if you are a PC person, this is a great keyboard and I do recommend it.  I give it a 4.5 out of 5.


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