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Langkou Wireless Bluetooth Sleeping Eye Mask Review

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

There comes a product every once in a while that has such a simple concept I wonder why I didn’t think of it, and you find this with the Langkou Wireless Bluetooth Sleeping Eye Mask which basically is a Bluetooth speaker set built into a sleep mask.  All in all this product impressed me more than I thought it would and this product gets used every day by me now since I have received it.

Why would you want a Bluetooth Eye Mask?

If you are someone who uses guided meditation or uses smartphone apps for meditation, then you may find yourself doing meditations during the day.  I found that I was able to greatly benefit more from meditating and my daytime naps with the use of this Bluetooth eye mask.   It is extremely comfortable and I am able to wear it for an hour or two without any discomfort but if you keep it that dark for a while your eyes will take some time adjusting to the daylight again.    This also helps with those who have problems with earbuds or headphones that stay on the ears and can cause discomfort if worn for long periods of time especially if you are sleeping and leave them on the ears.

sleepmask (2)

So I had my kids take pictures of me resting with the Bluetooth Sleep Mask on, you can see on the right side of the mask is the controller box.  This has the center Play/Pause button which also acts as the power off/power on as well as the Bluetooth pairing button.  The skip track (forward/back) are on the left and right of the control box.  To actually charge the control box you have to unzip it from the side and take it out, plug it in, then stuff it back in and align the LED with the clear LED circle on top of the box area.

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The mask is very comfortable and thick so it blocks out all light as mentioned.  The sound quality of the small speakers is passable and it can get very loud, it does a decent job in the mid and high range, but struggles with bass.  I wouldn’t say these were good for listening to metal or electronica while resting, but they work great for audiobooks, meditation chants, instrumentals or other music that you aren’t expecting heavy bass from.

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I didn’t know I needed a Bluetooth Eye Mask until I got this product to review, it seriously makes taking afternoon naps on weekends a breeze and is so much better than napping or doing guided meditation with earbuds if you sit in one place at home.  It is also useful for sleeping at night too if your partner is staying awake with the light on and you want it dark to get some shut-eye.  Battery life appeared to be within the advertised range of 3-4 hours between charges, though I did several uses of the mask between charges to add up to that time rather than 1 consecutive testing.

Disclaimer: Langkou provided me with the Wireless Sleep Mask so I could do a showcase and share thoughts on the product. All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone. For more information visit

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

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