COUGAR Revenger 12000 DPI RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion


I reviewed the Cougar 550M previously and this is almost identical, but what broke the deal for me on that mouse was the price but Cougar did it right with the Revenger.  The Revenger actually has everything the 550M has minus the braided cable with a better price tag and almost double the DPI.

Let’s check out the pros and cons and I will go over a few things afterwards.


  • Very long cable
  • LED-Lighted
  • 2 LED Lighted Zones
  • Offers 4 modes of lighting
    • Off, Full Lighted, Breathing and Color Cycling
  • Programmable Keys
  • Strong build Quality
  • Very Comfortable and Familiar feel, even if you never used one
  • Very customizable and functional software, UIX
  • Sturdy Build
  • HIGH DPI Resolution
  • VERY Affordable


  • No Apple Support
  • USB cable is not braided

The cons are cons only because it’s hard to make something perfect but this mouse has the makings for a perfect mouse.  Amazingly comfortable in your hands, tons of features without even using the UIX software and tons more with UIX and to top it off, this mouse is amazingly affordable.  The OMRON Micro switch guarantees this is not a mouse that will last only a month and the PixArt PMW3360 optical sensor allows for that high DPI.

This mouse does not have support for Apple products software wise, though I am sure it will still work and there is nothing stating that it will work for Apple products, so it is not falsely advertised.  It works on the Tablet Express Dragon Touch X10’s full USB port so I am sure it will work on a MAC, maybe minus some of the bonus’.  The braiding, well it just does not look as pretty but how many times do you look at your cable… and as for the potential reply “but braided cables don’t kink up”, they do kink up and almost as easy so it’s just for looks.

The fact that it is not braided just means that there is not and added cost when buying this mouse, it makes it more expensive.

Usually I say I have no choice but to give something a 5 out of 5 of course if it deserves it, but it is my pleasure to give the Cougar Revenger a 5 out of 5 Editor’s Choice.


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