How Do Crab Fisherman Stay In Touch?

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I am a huge fan of the Deadliest Catch series on Discovery and when we see the crab fisherman plow through the dangerous waters of the Bering sea catching millions of dollars worth of crab I often wondered how they keep in touch in case of emergencies or to warn each other in the event of storms or issues that arise.  I also wondered if there was any internet access available to the captain to maybe keep track of information or share information while he was running an operation.

Turns out Captain Sig Hansen of the Northwestern uses Inmarsat which provides mobile communications and allows him to keep in touch with fellow boat captains as well as be able to call back home.

Watch a video of Sig Hansen explaining how he put the FleetBroadband service by Inmarsat to the test and what benefits this communications technology can offer boat owners and operators who spend days or weeks at a time at sea:



Inmarssat also announced they are working on building out their Inmarsat Global Xpress™ network, which will be delivering mobile broadband speeds of up to 50 megabits per second which means you literally can be floating on a ship in the middle of anywhere in the world and be online or in touch with whomever.

This is good news for when I want to retire and live on a world ship, I want to ensure that I have 24×7 online and mobile access no matter where I am in the world.

Ironically I had never researched or knew about this information for boats until I ran across this video and started researching Inmarsat more.

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