Charging up with the Crave Plus PRO PD Power Bank

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A good power bank can be a literal lifesaver, and the Crave Plus Pro is a quality piece of tech that fulfills that needed function and more. Whether it’s an emergency situation, or just keeping your phone running on a long, boring flight, the Crave Plus Pro is an absolute must for all your travel needs. For those who stumbled across this article without knowing what a power bank is, allow me to inform you! A power bank, sometimes called a battery bank, is a portable charger for your devices! You plug it in at home, and they can store anywhere from two hours of extra battery,  to monsters that can charge entire laptops to full multiple times!


  • Max Capacity and Output Ports

The crave plus pro has a 20000mAh capacity, theoretically, this is enough to charge an iPhone 6.9 times! So we can theorize that that’s over 144 hours of talk time in one battery bank assuming your phone has a similar battery capacity! The unit comes with dual quick charge USB-C ports, as well as a PD type C for all those Apple users out there! All this is packaged in a slim bundle about the size of the average smartphone! Utilizing flat cell battery technology, the Plus PRO actually receives

  • Size Comparison against other Crave Models

The Crave Plus Pro is Crave’s second-largest unit, with only the Crave PowerPack outclassing it in size (which isn’t saying much, they’re all so small and portable!). It’s a high-tier unit suitable for camping, study sessions, or even long car trips. The PowerPack is a heavier model for extended trips, weighing in at 3.3lbs, compared to the Plus Pros 16oz weight, so it’s absolutely portable! Along with all this convenient portability and its immense capacity, the Crave Plus is compatible with all Apple, Windows, Samsung, and essentially any product that supports USB-C charging! Alongside all this, it’s one of the two models that support charging USB C carrying laptops! So whether it’s for work or school, Crave has got ya covered!

Final Thoughts

A good power bank can be such an absolute gem to have around your home, but it can again, be a LITERAL lifesaver. As someone who was lost in the woods as a teenager, I’m one of the staunchest advocates for how incredibly useful these things are. It’s an absolute boon no matter how you look at it, and the Crave Plus Pro offers a massive amount of utility in an incredibly affordable, compact package. Its tiny casing doesn’t just provide a charge for your mobile devices, when you’re traveling it provides peace of mind that you’ll never lose your connection to the outside world, no matter how off the grid somewhere you’re going is. All in all, I can’t stress enough what a fantastic purchase this would be, even if it’s simply used for emergencies, though I don’t think anyone would judge you for keeping it charged just to make sure your phone doesn’t die as you binge a Netflix series in bed either! Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful rest of your day.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.