How to Create Invoices in Paypal for Blogging Services

paypal-logoHey there!  Who here is a blogger?  I know I am!  Once you have gotten the blogging bug, it can become quite difficult to stop writing.  It doesn’t matter whether you have a personal blog or a blog focusing on a particular topic, somewhere out there, there is an audience for you.  You know what else is out there for you?  Earning opportunities.  If you are fortunate enough to be contacted for a sponsored post, advertisement, or any other blogging service, you know that it can be quite rewarding to get paid for doing what you love.  But what happens when it’s time to collect your money?  What if the advertiser is requesting an invoice?  If you have the budget you may want to invest in dedicated invoice software, but if you are a small time blogger and don’t have much of a budget you don’t have to miss out on these earning opportunities because PayPal has you covered!  You can easily create invoices and keep track of your invoices when using PayPal!

Create Invoices through PayPal

So how do you go about creating an invoice using your PayPal account?  Once you are logged on to, click on the Merchant Services tab and then click on the “Send invoice online for fast payment” button.  You are now creating your own invoice!  There are four important fields that you need to fill out: Contact Information, Invoice Information, Send To information, and Invoice Details.  The contact information is where you decide what personal (or blog) information you would like to have displayed on your invoices.  The invoice information is where you select the invoice number, invoice date, and invoice due date.  And the send to field is where you enter the Email address where you would like your invoice to go!  The invoice details is where you determine the amount, the currency, whether you will be charging taxes, and other terms and conditions that you agreed with your customer.  It really is that simple to create an invoice.  And if you want to preview your invoice before sending it out, simply click on the preview button.  Here is a quick invoice that I created in 2 minutes!

Dragonblogger PayPal Invoice Sample

Once you start to earn money from blogging, it’s good practice to keep track of how much you make.  What better way to do it than with invoices!  And the best part is that PayPal helps you manage all invoices so you don’t necessarily have to have paper copies of each one.  You can easily keep track of all your invoices, which is especially handy when tax season comes around!

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