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There are many photo sites on the web, ones that provide all sorts of sharing and hosting options so when I find a site I look for reasons and features that set one site out from the rest.  GalleryHosted managed to peak my interest in that they were one of the few sites that focuses on helping you easily display galleries on both websites and BB forum, in fact they are one of the only ones that provide all the BB code links for you for easy posting of your galleries on forums.

GalleryHosted also allows you to create and host galleries without ever needing to even sign in and register for an account.  This means if you just need to create a quick gallery for a blog or site, you can simply use GalleryHosted to create the thumbnails and host your gallery without hosting the resources on your own site.

To get started you just hit the site and start uploading files with either the browse button (multiple files can be selected) or you can enter URL’s to upload images from.


You get to pick the size of your thumbnails from 20x to 300px which his a really nice touch I thought.

Once your images are uploaded you are presented with a button to display your gallery, and code to embed your gallery on a forum or site.  You can also add a button to allow users to instantly download all pictures in your gallery.  You are also presented with the code for each picture individually.


When somebody clicks on a thumbnail or you click on the gallery link, you will visit the gallery itself which allows a slideshow, grid view, download and individual linking options for images.


GalleryHosted is fast and easy to use to create instant galleries to display on blogs, websites or put in forums.  As you can be anonymous there is no limit to # of galleries created and you don’t have to setup an account or worry about file limits.  The simplicity also means each file uploads and gets a randomized image name, you have no ability to type a title, tag or change file name.  So there is no way to brand your images or identify them clearly, but you gain the speed at not having to do this.

Some features the application needs are:

  • Ability to embed a slideshow in blog or website
  • Ability to tag, title files so readers can know what the image they are seeing is

Other than that, though is a great option for creating quick and easy to access image galleries and I particularly like the auto creation of custom thumbnail sizes which is a big timesaver.

-Dragon Blogger

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