How To Create Extremely Strong Passwords Without Any Software

Are Your Online Account Passwords Strong Enough?

Today billions of people access the internet and create passwords in order to secure their accounts on websites. Ranging from email accounts on Gmail, Live/Hotmail and YahooMail to XBOX accounts, online banking accounts to blogging accounts we store sensitive information on several websites. While the website owners try to secure the information using the latest technology, the keys to those locks are pretty ordinary. A combination of letters, numbers and other characters found on a standard keyboard could be worth as much as millions of dollars!

Do you create passwords strong enough to make sure no one can steal your bank balance, Paypal balance or personal information?

Steps to Create Ultra-Strong Passwords Without Using Software Products:

Use Letters, Numbers as well as Special Characters

Do Not use Typical sequences like 123, abc or qwer which hackers can easily guess.

Do Not use sequences like your name (first, middle or last) or names of people related to you.

Do Not use popular words like apple, pencil or the name of a TV show like Friends!

If you want to use any of the above sequences in order to remember the passwords (to avoid forgetting them time and again) convert some letters to numbers or special characters:

E = 3 (mirror image)

D = 4 (D is the 4th letter)

S = $ (similar appearance)

A = @


You may also add symbols like “.” and “*” after each letter of a word to secure the password.

Combine the letters of two or more words:

Apple + Red = A(R)p(e)p(d)le

Use a rule like substituting every alternate letter with a Capital letter or number.

You may create your own templates for creating passwords so that they are easier to remember. Follow a particular rule to create all passwords.

It is also advisable to keep changing passwords. You may use a password for one week or month and then change back to the previous one!

Do Not use same or even similar passwords for several accounts. If mistakenly you reveal a particular password, your other accounts wouldn’t be compromised.

Your Email account’s password is the most important one. Most other websites will send you a link to reset the account passwords if you forget them. So, keep the email account’s password strong but easy to remember and keep changing it regularly.

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