Creating a Chatwing Chatbox

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Chatwing has continuously improved their chat software ever since it was created almost two years ago. Now that it is also available in Android, people can even use it on their mobile phones as well. And as for the new users who want to start chatting with their friends through this chat software, making one just got a whole lot easier.

Chatwing just recently made a complete makeover of their site, making it much easier to navigate than before. Now here’s a brand new chatbox creation guide for those who have used Chatwing before and for those first time users as well.


Step 1: Registration

You’ll need an account to avail your very own chatbox. Getting one is a breeze though, so there’s no need to worry. Just go to Chatwing’s homepage and find the Try Now button – you can see it the moment you get into this page so it’s very hard to miss.

Once you press it, you’ll be redirected to the Registration page. Now type in your email address and password on the form and submit it afterwards. You’re done! Now here comes Step 2.



Step 2: Creating a Chatbox

Now that you have your account, you can start creating your chatbox in the Dashboard page – this is where you’ll be redirected after registering. This is also where you can change your Chat Profile and purchase coins to gain access to Chatwing’s premium features.

For first time users, in case you don’t know what a chatbox is, it’s the tool you’re creating here so that you can start chatting with people. Now with that out of the way, let me tell you how to create one.

There are two ways to do so, though the other one is only a one time action. If you checked the box at the bottom of the Registration form before submitting it then you’ll have a chatbox automatically created for you. Otherwise, you’ll need to press the Create Chatbox button in the Dashboard to do so.


As shown by the image, your chatbox will show up in the chatbox list with four buttons on the opposite side after creation. However, if you press the Create chatbox button, it will create a chatbox as well as redirecting you to the next page – the Customization panel. To go to that page from the Dashboard, press the Customize button on the corresponding chatbox that you chose.


Step 3: Customizing

Now this is the page where you can truly make your chatbox shine. Chatwing’s customization functions work perfectly back then and now it’s even better and much simpler. The customization options are grouped into seven parts but they are mostly found on the first two – Chatbox and Message.


The image above shows the Chatbox and the Message tabs in its minimized form. When you click it, you will be shown a more detailed look inside it. Twelve tabs, each one changing a certain part of the chatbox and how it works will be shown to you. The Message tab on the other hand, has seven tabs in it.


Now when you press on a tab, you’ll be able to see its contents in the middle of the page. You can then start changing the settings there. You’ll then see your changes affecting your chatbox on the preview window on the right side of the page. An example is the General Options tab below the Chatbox tab – you can also refer to it on the previous image.


Now you might have noticed those Purchase feature buttons on the images right? These are Chatwing’s premium features and they can only be accessed by purchasing them via Chatwing coins. These can give some nifty bonus functions to your chatbox aside from the ones that are already there, for a little price that is.

Last but not the least, is the Save button. This button is found on several tabs as well as on the upper part of the page. You need to press this button every time you alter your chatroom’s settings in order to apply these changes.

This may seem a lot to take in for those who are customizing their chatbox for the first time. But in truth, customizing it is a lot easier than you think. At most, you’ll only need to drag and click your mouse through the whole process and your chatroom will change accordingly. And then you’ll get a very unique and visually appealing chatroom afterwards! Now who wouldn’t want that?

Step 4: Embedding

When you’re finally done customizing, find and press the Use Chatbox button to head on to the Embedding page. This is where you’ll prepare your chatbox for embedding. You have three options to choose here – embed the chatbox into your site, embed it through the use of a popout icon or just use it directly.

Clicking on a tab will show their contents just like in the Customization page. From the three you can pick out which method works for you best.

  • Group Chat Url – Let’s you use the Chatbox directly by supplying you with the URL of your chatbox. Just paste it on your browser to access it.
  • Embedding Options – Let’s you embed the chatroom directly on your site. You can change its size before copying the html codes and pasting it on your site.
  • Popout Options – Makes use of a popout option which is customizable and then embed on your site. After customizing, just copy and paste the html code on your site (much like embedded options).

Here is an image of the Embedded Options tab to give you an idea as to what it looks like.


Now, by this point your chatroom should be up and running. Time to invite people in! The quickest way to do this is to simply copy the URL of your chatroom and send it to your friends via social media. If you’re a site owner then that will be even better. Aside from the people you invited, your viewers can also use the chatroom to talk with you and the other viewers.


The chatroom can open up new windows of opportunity for you, both socially and financially. You can meet new people on the chatroom or you can use it as a supporting tool on your site that will deliver quick responses to the site viewers looking for help via live chat. Chatwing chat software can be any of that and more. And aside from the premium functions, it’s still totally free.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.