CShidworld True Wireless Earbuds Review

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So cshidworld came out with their 2nd generation version of wireless earbuds and they are greatly improved over the first generation model in both sound quality but also fit in the ear and functionality.  Now like other TWS earbuds which stand for True Wireless Stereo they support working as a paired stereo headphone style or can be used individually like a single earpiece headset for phone calls.  Each earbud has a separate microphone and works independently but when paired only the microphone on the right earbud is active and working.

Unboxing the Cshidworld TWS Earbuds

The product is well packaged and when opening it you can clearly see the charging case for the earbuds is secure, wide and has clear indicator display on the front showing how much charge the case has left in it.

The USB charging cable is a little short so you need to have the charging case and cable close to a USB hub or charging station unless you use a longer cable.  Besides the earbud tips that come on the earbuds, you are also provided with 3 additional pairs including a very small pair for children or those with smaller ear canals.  Though there are no foam ones that conform and shape to the ear and provide better background noise blocking and the brand can consider some foam earbuds in a future release.The front of the case has the power button and the charge indicator lights showing you how much battery is left in the case itself, you can charge the earbuds a number of times and I did at least 5-6 charges and roughly about a week and a half worth of taking them in and out of the case multiple times per day before I needed to plug the case back in for charging.

You can see the earbuds glow red for a bit when they first start to charge through the top of the Cshidworld TWS earbuds charging case.  But they do shut off and it is still charging even when the red lights are not showing.

On the back of the case is the MicroUSB to plug it in to charge the case, it is well placed and out of the way.   When wearing the earbuds they fit well in the ear and provide decent sound but of course struggle with low and deep bass like many TWS earbuds due to their size and lack of power.  The battery lasts just around 3 hours of constant use and I tested a long Spotify track to drain them from full charge to dead and I was pretty close to 3 hours, give or take a few minutes.  They do charge pretty fast however, and mostly when using them intermittently they hold a charge a lot longer. The microphone was decent and you can hear in the video review below how the mic sounds for yourself.

Overall they are solid though not the best sounding TWS earbuds I have reviewed, and they lack the earhooks that help hold them in place a little better.  While using an elliptical and treadmill running rapidly they did tend to work their way out of my ear canal fairly frequently and have to be stuffed back in, so I felt for vigorous activity like running, jogging, and heavy exercise they could have used an earhook.

Here is the full video review

At $39.99 they are about 10-20 dollars cheaper than comparable earbuds which does make them a decent recommend, and there is a newer model that I have not yet reviewed on the same product page which may have better sound and be worth checking out.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.