Customizing Email RSS Feed Titles with Feedburner

I have to give a big thanks to Dennis Edell who actually told me how to setup Feedburner to send out a different email subject if there are is than 1 article in the RSS feed.  So I did a little more testing and came up with a good idea to help others customize their Google Feedburner RSS Feeds for email.  If your blog has more than one article posted in a 24 hour period on some occasions but not all occasions there is a good reason to have two separate titles for your RSS feed.  If your blog always has more than 1 article every RSS update then you can use a single title to cover the many subjects, or you can actually just use a single title that shows the # of articles in the feed if you want to use 1 subject for all emails.

Here is a video tutorial on customizing your email branding options with Feedburner:

For those who want to read instead, to change your email branding options, log into your Feedburner account.

  • Click on Your Feed Name, then Publicize
  • Click on Email Subscriptions to the left
  • Click on Email Branding drop down


Here you check mark “Change Subject” when an email has 2 or more items and you get the option to set a unique subject when more than 1 article is listed in your RSS feed.

Some helpful tips and variables can be used on Feedburner.

  • ${latestItemTitle} will display the title of the latest article
  • ${n} will show total number of articles in the latest feed
  • ${m} will show number of articles after the first in the latest feed

This allows you to create custom subjects like:

Top 10 Chrome Applications from

You would use:  {latestItemTitle} from


4 new articles published on

which would be ${n} on


Top 10 Applications + 3 other articles on

which would be: ${latestItemTitle} + ${m} other articles on

These are just some suggestions to help optimize your Email RSS Subject Titles.

-Dragon Blogger

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