Last Day to Nominate Dragon Blogger for a Shorty Award

Okay folks, if you are entered in either the Kindle Fire Giveaway or the Video Game Giveaway contests this is your last day to vote @DragonBlogger for a Shorty Award.

Nominate Justin Germino for a social media award in the Shorty Awards!Nominate Justin Germino for a social media award in the Shorty Awards

I was curious to see if I could make the top 10 list and collect the 300 votes to make #10 place at the time, but would be happy if I could get enough votes to make the first page which lists the Top 20.  One of my main reasons in the question asking “why should people nominate you for a Shorty” was my answer: “Vote for @dragonblogger because few social media entities can do technology, gaming, blogging, wordpress tips, poetry, movie reviews, make money online advice at same time” and do all this as a hobby not even their day job.

Remember, the Shorty Vote gives you +5 entries in either of the 2 contests listed above, just vote for a Shorty and mark it completed on the Rafflecopter widgets.

-Dragon Blogger

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