December Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

So December rolls around and everyone gets a chance this month to enter to win a $500 Amazon gift card, this giveaway is open the entire month of December and winner will be chosen on 1/2/2014.

I am co-host again for this giveaway and it is run on the Incentivibe platform which is a fantastic way for me to offer really big dollar prizes to readers by splitting the costs with other hosts.  Incentivibe picks the winner, I am a co-host and won’t be picking the winner for this one, but I will announce the winner on the fanpages.

Enter to win a $500 Amazon Gift Card

The widget has been removed 1/2/2014 since the platform shut down, don’t want anyone getting entry’s that would be invalidated.


If you win it will make for a good start for the 2014 year, good luck to all who enter.

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