Develop a Successful Social Media App

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

In the current realities, social networks are omnipresent – i.e., you’re unlikely to escape their addictive grasp. Social media becomes closely intertwined with our social lives. We’re talking about Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, etc. as everyday social hubs and LinkedIn or Reddit as professional or profiled social resources. On the market side of the whole phenomena, every day, the number of available networking solutions is increasing, which creates fierce competition on the market. Along with that, it becomes increasingly difficult to offer the market-targeted audiences of the now something new. Is there an easy way to develop social media apps that would bring profit and traffic worthy of calling truly successful? We can’t promise you that. However, we are ready to share a bunch of practical tips to show you the most efficient direction.


5 Unspoken Rules of a Successful Social Media App

  • Thorough marketing research. If you ask a person to recite some social networks, they will probably mention Facebook, Instagram, VK, Tinder, or even LinkedIn. Obviously, in order to compete with such renowned titles and grab a share of social networking audience, you need to be up to date about everything your potential users are being offered by the existing market. Who are your competitors, exactly? Which unexplored or undersolved common pains can your solution help resolve? You need that know-how and those prospects in order to create a competitive, potentially popular product.
  • Emphasize the concept. Any commercial project must be highly recognizable above all else. What can bring in some individuality more than a thought-out, authentic concept? Make your social platform feature a unique search engine that accumulates lists of potential friends or partners based on artificial intelligence. The sole involvement of such advanced, progressive technology will give your marketing campaigns more insightfulness and, simply, hype. You need that ‘authenticity salt’ and you need to apply a lot of it.


  • Emphasize design. The visual part is what leaves the biggest, brightest impression. And the design is the art of producing attention-grabbing visual elements that provide a quality level of usability at the same time. Separate teams of experts should do this work. If you are ambitiously targeting a numerous audience to conquer with your solution, it’ll be quite difficult to come up with features that deserve the attention of modern users.
  • More latest trendy tech. Employing some technological solutions that global audiences are gradually accepting as standards is a good thing as well. Common solutions are tried and tested, they’re safe. Artificial intelligence, IoT or blockchain – apart from giving you advanced technical capabilities, also provide that trendy, ‘industry-woke’ touch for your project.
  • Keep in mind scalability. If you do everything right and gain some competitive force, your platform will need to grow and expand. Initial server powers, if there aren’t plenty of them to spare from the get-go, will unlikely be sufficient to hold the growing traffic. It’s important to plan the modular structure that would be easy to scale. A cost to develop a custom application, although, can grow right along with the size of your scaling ambitions. And that’s where IT outsourcing services can be your most optimal bet. It may help you hire some passionate, experienced experts that work at reasonable rates.



There are a couple of pillars, on which to base the creation of a competitive product. An authentic, attention-grabbing concept must be implemented at an impressive level of quality as well. We’d recommend entrusting the realization of your ideas only to true professionals. At IDAP, you will find seasoned experts with experience gained over the years of working in one of the top development and outsourcing companies in Ukraine.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.