Disable Right Click On WordPress: 2 Methods To Reduce Plagiarism

disable right click on wordpress

Do you need to Disable Right Click On WordPress Blogs?

Ever since digitized content (text and images) was made available on the internet, plagiarism has taken huge leaps thanks to a single convenient feature: The Right-Click Context Menu which has the copy and paste options for text. Add to that the Select All option.

While the same results can be achieved by using the CTRL+C (Copy) and CTRL+V (Paste) (CTRL+A for Select All) keyboard combinations (for PCs running on Windows), a single mouse-click alternative accelerates the whole process of copying the previously unique content published by a hard-working blogger and pasting it elsewhere.

The main advantage of Disabling Right Click on WordPress is that people can no longer copy image URLs directly from your blog and conveniently use them without permission. This too has a loophole – doing a “site:” search on Google Image Search for the particular post page will allow the plagiarizer to obtain the image URL.

How to Disable Right Click on WordPress Blogs?

There will always be loopholes, but you can definitely reduce the magnitude of plagiarism by using a plugin or a simple template code modification to disable right click on WordPress:

  • Method 1: Modify the “head” tag in the “header.php” using Template Editor to disable right click.

In the WordPress Dashboard (blogurl.com/wp-admin) go to Appearance > Editor > “header.php”

Look for the closing “/head” tag and just before it paste the following code:

In this method, you will not have to use an external plugin to disable right click, thereby lowering the database connection requests and reducing pageload time.

  • Method 2: Use a WordPress Plugin to Disable Right Click.

One of the most popular plugins available for free on WordPress.org is the Disable Right Click In WordPress – 1 (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-copyprotect/). This plugin also prevents people from selecting text using the computer mouse.

Another free plugin which is more recent and compatible with newer versions of WordPress is Disable Right Click In WordPress – 2 (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-copyright-protection). The second plugin also prevents your blog pages from being placed within iframes.

Using these plugins will eliminate any errors you might cause by pasting the wrong code or pasting the code in the wrong place. It will however slightly increase the pageload time of your WordPress blog.

If you find these plugins inconvenient, you can always disable/uninstall them and go back to the original state of the blog by enabling right click.

Do share your experiences with disabling right-click on WordPress.

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